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BIM with Doka

Entry to virtual formwork design.
Integrated formwork concepts on your virtual site, boosting productivity on your real site

In the near future digital construction will become standard and the “real jobsite” will be even more highly networked and automated. For Doka this means specifically that with BIM formwork solutions can be matched even more closely to the building construction process, contributing significantly to the success of your construction project.

Reduced design time
Reduced design time

thanks to fast, automated 3D formwork planning for all project types

High safety on-site
High safety on-site

due to technical accurate solutions and BIM powered collision control

Significant cast savings
Significant cost savings

Virtual construction sequencing as base for efficient formwork utilization and logistics on-site

Always at the current state
Always at the current state

thanks seamless and smooth BIM platform collaboration

Integral formwork planning in the Digital Twin with Revit or Tekla, taking into account specific regional and customer requirements

Visualisation of complex formwork sequencing (simple renderings, simulations and animations up to 3D printing, virtual reality) with formwork know-how

Optimising your construction processes through material management, logistic solutions for formwork planning, model analysis and quality check

BIM Project References

App DokaCAD for Revit

DokaCAD for Revit
Entry to virtual formwork design

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Doka Libary for Tekla

Doka Library for Tekla
Doka formwork components for Tekla

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Contact for Building Information Modeling

Discuss your requirements with Doka BIM Coordinators as early as in the project development phase, influencing it’s success from the beginning.

Richard Korak
Richard KorakHead of BIM, Doka Group