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Rapid construction progress amid tight space constraints

02.03.2012 | プレス
La Défense is a modernistic high-rise commercial district in Paris. With over three million square metres of floorspace, this is the biggest office location in Europe, accommodating more than 150,000 office staff. 1600 firms – among them some of the biggest corporations in both France and the world – are represented in La Défense. A new prestige project is the 166 m ‘Tour Carpe Diem’ tower being built for the insurance group Aviva. Designed to Green Building Standards, it is scheduled for completion in 2012. The ‘Doka automatic climbing formwork SKE50 plus’ system is keeping operations moving ahead very fast on this project, despite the cramped conditions on the site. Used here as a protection screen, the Doka ‘Automatic climbing formwork Xclimb 60’ system is ensuring high workplace safety on this build.



  • To safeguard the forming operations on the building-facade, 11 platforms of the ‘Automatic climbing formwork SKE50 plus’ system are being used on the broadsides of the structure, and 12 ‘Protection screen Xclimb 60’ platforms on the narrowsides.
  • The 30 m long and 11.5 m wide structure core is being constructed entirely in CIP concrete. 80 high-performing ‘SKE50 plus’ automatic climbers combined with Large-area formwork Top 50 are in action on this high-rise project.


第20回 建築・建材展

04.03.2014 | ニュース

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22.10.2013 | ニュース


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