Shoring entire spans with falsework

If the superstructure of a concrete bridge is not far above the ground, it can be constructed cost-effectively and efficiently using falsework. Falsework is an auxiliary construction used for holding building materials and systems in shape, particularly in the field of concrete bridge construction. On multispan bridges, the superstructure is mostly cast a section at a time using a single falsework construction.

Conventional Shoring

  • the bridge span is shored with falsework that transfers concrete loads into the subsoil
  • this temporary structure props the incomplete supporting structure and gives it its shape
  • full-span shoring can be easily adapted to different geometries, e.g. for ramp structures with high longitudinal and transverse inclinations

Heavy Shoring

  • economic shoring solutions for almost any application, whether for bridge, tunnel or power plant construction
  • made-to-measure special solutions with modular standard parts wether for rent or buy
  • no full-surface foundation necessary

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