Riga Central Station

Riga, Latvia

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Baltic's Largest Passenger Terminal

Rail Baltica stands as a milestone in European transportation infrastructure, representing the largest Baltic project of the past century.

Project leaders trust Doka's expertise, evident in their numerous contracts for Rail Baltica projects, including expanding Riga's main station into the Baltics' largest passenger hub.

The unique geometry of the new Central Station will make it a true masterpiece: boasting a wide-span steel structure and a massive glass roof nearly 30 meters high, covering an area of 2,100 square meters, it will serve as the heart of the entire project. The successful execution of such a project naturally presents challenges: a tight schedule, limited space in the city center, and high vertical loads necessitated a sophisticated formwork concept.

Strategic shoring placement around and between Y-shaped columns, temporary supporting constructions, stairs, cores, and beams, alongside managing vertical loads between 8.0m to 15.0m, demanded a comprehensive understanding of the complex geometry. Utilizing DokaCAD for Revit provided deeper insights, enabling better alignment of formwork solutions with the construction process and preventing potential collisions proactively.Highlighting its scalability, a total of 87,000 elements were managed seamlessly.

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Building type

Stability and safety of a 1,200-ton concrete structure, measuring 56.2 m (length) x 7.62 m (width) x 1.0 m (thickness), as the first casting section of a 3,700 m² slab, without any offered anchoring points provided by existing structure

5m wide drive-through opening beneath the structure for site organization and logistical purposes

High load capacity and safety through the robust Load-bearing tower Staxo 100 anchored firmly into the foundation in both longitudinal and transversal directions

Utilizing the UniKit secondary beams in combination with Staxo 100 establish a 5-meter-wide clearance that not only enhances accessibility but also provides stable structural support for the support system above

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© Rail Baltica

Dear Passengers, next stop: Riga Central Station

Thanks to tailor-made formwork solutions, 570 pre-assembled Doka Top 50 elements, and 50 truckloads of shoring such as Staxo and UniKit, the project’s high requirements were successfully met. The Doka team precisely aligned the formwork solution with the construction process using 3D planning. Impressive figures highlight the scalability and precision of the planning: a total of approximately 87,000 elements were planned in the powerful DokaCAD Revit model. For the construction of the bridge to and from the railway station, Doka Staxo and Ringlock were used, as well as the Concremote concrete monitoring system.

“Investing in Doka’s products and solutions is worth to provide quality, safety and efficiency of a project”, states Nicola Stefanutti, Technical Manager & Head of Procurement Department at BERERIX. “Especially valuable and time-saving was the aspect of ‘ready to use services,’ meaning the immediate readiness of the formwork systems without the need for complex pre-assembly.”

Igor Stefanovics

Igors Sefanovics | Project manager | Doka Latvia

"Close collaboration between the client BERERIX, the on-site Doka team, and a tailor-made project team with involved persons from different divisions and locations is one of the key success factors and played a crucial role in building trust and strengthening cooperation."

For the concrete structure of the infrastructure and station building of Rail Baltica Riga Central Station our customer BERERIX relied on Concremote to monitor compressive strength and boost productivity.

Concremote cable sensors 2.0 provided real-time data to know the earliest possible stripping time. The Concremote app and web portal can be accessed from everywhere at any time. The detailed information and documentation enabled data-based decision-making and increased safety, especially during winter.

Save Time
Increased safety
Cost Reduction

Time savings

Real-time data, automatic notifications and digital documentation saved time and allowed for shorter cycle times.

Increased safety

Reliable data derived directly from the concrete structure confirmed best quality and strength thresholds and allowed safe repositioning of the formwork in winter working conditions. The Concremote web portal reports could be reviewed and the readings evaluated.

Cost reduction

Shorter cycle times saved time and costs on site

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