Civil Engineering

Know-how formwork solutions for your infrastructure project

_Understanding infrastructure projects

From large infrastructure projects such as tunnels or power plants to retaining walls or culverts – widely different structures and requirements can be achieved with Doka formwork.

Our internationally experienced experts give you sound advice starting from the project development stage and throughout the whole construction process.

Regardless of how different and unique, one thing holds true for all civil engineering projects: our commitment to the entire project solution has one common denominator – to design a construction solution and process that is fast, safe and as good as it can be.

    airport istanbul
    Cooling tower Lingen
    Fisher street tunnel
    bridge site using paratop
    Underground station fair-faced concrete
    Mountain station for railways
    Korridor Vc reference picture

Solutions for a wide range of structures

Be it tunnels or bridges for roads or rails, power plants or airports, Doka provides comprehensive solutions for your project’s unique requirements.

Complete structural requirements optimised

Does your overall project consist of different structures? With many projects requiring a wide range on formwork systems, Doka can provide support not only for your tunnel or bridge projects, but also for stations, culverts or retaining walls.

Optimised workflow planning is the basis of a cost-efficient formwork concept. Planning takes not only the different structural elements and the construction method into account, but also safety concepts, site logistics and all project-specific boundary conditions. Safe, smooth working conditions speed up the workflow and thus save time and money.

Doka 360° Performance

performance cycle
cube consultancy

Our _understanding of consultancy and project management:

To find the ideal solution with you ...

... we can rely on 150 years of customer benefit. We will continue fine-tuning your project solution until we come up with a true benefit for you.

cube engineering

Our _understanding of engineering:

Ensuring construction projects run safely and smoothly

Efficient formwork solutions can only be developed economically if there is an understanding of project requirements and construction processes. This understanding is the basis of Doka engineering services.

cube safety

Our _understanding of responsibility:

Safety first

Together with our customers we develop project-specific safety concepts. From operating and implementing the formwork to stairtowers and safeguarding floor edges. Doka Formwork instructors are working on-site to ensure safe and proper use of our formwork systems.

cube formwork solutions

Our _understanding of formwork solutions

Complete reliability, high efficiency and total safety

Selecting the right formwork system takes different factors into account; such as overall construction time, workflows and personnel resources.

cube logistics

Our _understanding of logistics services:

Reliable availability even in the most remote places on earth

To ensure a smooth construction workflow, the entire logistics network has to mesh like clockwork. Doka logistics experts plan and provide on-site support of deliveries and return shipments, site logistics and much more. With our customer portal you stay up-to-date with your project's progress.

cube on-site services

Our _understanding of on-site services:

We are where you are.

We back up our promise on site. When it is time to put the made-to-measure formwork concept for your project into practice, our formwork experts are by your side. This is how we ensure that construction workflows and schedules can be kept and the project successfully realised.

Contact for UK civil engineering projects

Working alongside our customers, the international experience of Doka provides the pooled, knowledge to deliver a successful project. Your contact person will help you find the best solution, to make your project a success.