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_Understanding projects.

Every construction site goes through its own process from planning stage through to completion. And, the sooner we join the process, the better our understanding of the project and the more we can improve its efficiency. We are happy to support our customers in any phase of their formwork projects. And we provide a single-source for products, services, planning, project management and logistics. Only a few companies can offer this understanding of the many aspects of a construction project.

Perfect project management is at the heart of success.

In order to create a seamless experience, Doka project management assist customers during the project development stage, decision-making stage, operations scheduling, execution and completion of construction.

Development of optimal formwork solutions

Together with its customers, Doka lays the foundation for project efficiency with thorough analyses, objective risk assessment, assistance with invitations to bid, selection of the right formwork, exact planning and calculation. Seen in this light, "Engineered by Doka" is the hallmark of unsurpassed engineering competence.

On-site coordination of the construction process

Different requirements for materials and engineering exist for each country and each project. This is the reason Doka's central formwork instructors play a key role on-site. Another way to ensure professional on-site implementation is through engineering training to instruct the site crew in Doka products and their proper use.

Perfectly organised logistics

Delivery and return delivery just-in-time - formwork availability is an important factor for implementing any project on time and on budget. Any delay costs money. For this reason, Doka created a worldwide logistics network ensuring absolute proximity to the respective construction site and offering the requisite capacities.