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Martineau Coffrage - Forming Montreal

04/09/2018 | News
Martineau Coffrage is a formwork and civil engineering construction company serving clients in the residential, commercial, industrial & institutional sectors of metropolitan Quebec.


In 2016, Martineau Coffrage partnered with Doka for all of its formwork needs. The main interest of Martineau Coffrage was initially on slab formwork Dokadek 30 which, afterwards, was completed by wall formwork Framax S Xlife. The Protective XP Grating, part of the Dokadek 30 solution, offers a high level of safety that Martineau Coffrage wants to implement in all its jobsites. So far, the company has completed four projects using with Doka systems and three more are under construction.

Why was Doka selected as the formwork supplier?

  • High product quality
  • International proven expertise and renown of Doka.
  • Efficiency of Doka products (Speed execution)
  • Material availability

The Challenge

  • High Safety Standard: Optimization of site safety during erection, pour, and stripping.
  • Cycle time: 5 days/slab
  • Save labor cost
  • Speed up learning curve for the labors with new formwork system.
  • Reduce crane cycles
  • Limited storage area

The Solution

  • Assembly and erection of Dokadek 30 from ground level insures a high level of safety during formwork erection.
  • Doka Protective XP Grating offers a higher level of safety with a full perimeter protection.
  • Quick striping provides faster access to the lower slab to execute other works (Conventional shoring stays in place 4 consecutive floors)
  • Dokadek 30 handset system that needs only a few crane cycles
  • Nice concrete finish, thanks to Dokadek’s bigger panels 4’x8’.

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