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Q&A with Doka - Everything You Want to Know about Superdek

12/07/2020 | USA
Dietmar Wagner, Regional Product Manager at Doka, answers questions on what you should know about the development and success of Doka’s new handset shoring system, Superdek.

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Q. How/Why did Superdek come to be developed?

A. Doka did a long study on shoring systems in the United States. Based on the study, Doka put together a slab formwork development team to create a new system that takes care of the existing issues.

The new system would build on Doka’s over 150 years of experience in formwork design, taking into account the high product quality and advanced engineered solutions.

The biggest issues faced onsite and with existing systems included:
  • Too many parts and pieces to handle onsite
  • Fixed designs that either needed modification or did not work properly for varying jobsite conditions
  • Hazardous working conditions along the slab edge and unsafe working conditions in certain areas of assembly and disassembly, especially around the perimeter of the building structure
The conclusion of this study and the development of Superdek was based off the needs of our customers across the U.S. market who were looking for solutions that would increase productivity, be flexible for varying jobsite conditions, and most of all improve user safety. Based on this demand, Doka looked in detail at all of their existing slab formwork products currently in the market. Reviewing all the features and benefits of each to define what worked well, and what areas of improvement should be focused on, is what brought Superdek to life.

Q. Describe the Superdek development process.

A. Each individual feature has been tested in house and on jobsites. A joint force of Doka product specialists and contractors on jobsites looked at details of what is possible to improve upon in three key areas: productivity, flexibility and safety. The biggest challenge had been to make the slab edge safe and allow for high productivity – both in setting and stripping. We believe we have figured the top possible solution for this.

The development process was very thorough in order to guarantee a successful launch into the market.

Q. What are the BEST feature of Superdek and why?

A. Actually, there are many unique features that make the system amazing to work with.
One example is Superdek’s solution for forming around the perimeter of a building. Its design is extremely safe for the user, allows for the setting to take place safely from the ground below and far enough back from the slab edge so the user does not have to be tied off during setup of the perimeter formwork beams. No longer is it necessary to be on a ladder close to the slab edge sliding stringers and joist outside the building envelope, hoping that nothing will fall. Superdek’s perimeter forming solution is extremely fast and safe for the user to provide increased jobsite productivity.

Q. How does Superdek compare to most competitor systems in the market?

A. As mentioned earlier, Doka looked into every detail of existing systems in the market with a focus on increasing productivity as well as improving flexibility and user safety. Considering this, the design was done so each area improved upon what is already existing in the market.

For example, an increased grid / prop spacing significantly reduces the overall number of part and pieces being handled and cycled throughout a project. In typical application, Superdek has an 8’x8’ grid spacing, which means one prop catches 64 sq. ft. of the deck. Compare this to the market and that’s 40-50 percent less props required to bring onto the job, cycle each pour, level and strip each pour. Plus, the 40-50 percent less props is not only on the active deck, but also less for each floor down below where you have reshoring.

We feel that such an improved design is significantly meeting our customer’s request for increased productivity and adding directly to their bottom line.

Q. What does this new system mean for contractors forming slabs?

A. The setting time and stripping time is going to set new records. For the first time, customers clearly identify this as the fastest system they have ever used. This allows them to cut down on their
schedule, getting the job done safe and faster.

Q. How successful has Superdek been on projects in the USA so far?

A. Since the launch of Superdek earlier this year, it’s been already introduced on dozens of projects in the Midwest, Southeast, Mid-atlantic, Southwest, and Northeast areas. The feedback from our customers and the users in the field is what the design of Superdek is based upon. Now with the system in hand, the
results users are achieving is proof that Superdek is in fact the next generation slab formwork system that increases productivity, is flexible and improves user safety.

Many of our customer’s experiences can be found on our social media channels. Simply search #Superdek or #SlabFormworkSuperHero to hear about them first hand.

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