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Interview - Contractor’s Success with framed fromwork Framax Xlife

09.30.2016 | News
CJ Mahan Construction Company of Grove City, Ohio, shares their feedback about the Framax Xlife formwork system from Doka.

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CJ Mahan specializes in heavy highway, bridges, treatment plants, and U.S. Army Corp of Engineer projects. Jason Barkhimer, Chief Engineer and Josh Mimna, Project Manager, were interviewed about their experience with the Doka Framax Xlife solution.

Q: Why was Framax Xlife a good fit? What needs did it meet for your client(s)?
A: Every pour was different with wall thickness, height and intersecting wall locations. Framax Xlife was the most flexible system to disassemble and assemble the formwork back into gangs and meet our schedule. We feel that we would not have been able to meet the schedule using another system.

Q: How long have you used Framax Xlife?
A: We’ve been successful using the system since 2003. Most recently on the Southerly WWTP, one of our largest Framax projects.

Q: What specific functions does the Framax Xlife system serve for your business?
A: It is an extremely flexible system. We have been able to reduce our form and strip costs during projects, which also helps us be more competitive at bid time.

Q: Please compare Framax Xlife to other/competitive systems? Why is Framax Xlife the right choice?
A: Framax Xlife provides multiple panel sizes for flexibility, and the stripping corners are a big timesaver. The Doka clamp is much quicker than other systems, the panels are lighter and safety tie-offs are pre-positioned on the panel. In addition, accessories are light, galvanized and easy to use. The galvanized feature and ability to replace the face sheet over time also were important factors. Most other systems cannot provide both of these conditions. Our project tool cost is much lower with this system. Typically a crew only needs a hammer to assemble the Framax versus using air tools, compressor and impact wrenches with other systems.

Q: Can you please provide project examples where Framax Xlife was able to meet or exceed your project deadlines or expectations?
A: The Southerly WWTP project is a great example. We feel that we would not have been able to meet the schedule with the challenges we faced if we used another system. The stripping corner helped reduce our strip/set time in the tight intersecting wall/corner/pilaster areas of the project. Being able to clamp the gangs together far exceeded the buildup time we’ve experienced with other systems. In addition, add-on panels can be quickly attached.

Q: Why would you recommend the Framax Xlife system to other contractors or companies?
A: It is quick – a hammer system. No other air tools or accessories are needed and the system is fast, light and manageable. The panel strut can be adjusted much faster than the typical U.S. style pipe braces, and galvanized accessories keep the product in good working condition for every use.

Q: Describe your experience with Doka and the Framax Xlife system.
A: Doka provided the three big things we needed on the Southerly project: good product, good engineering design and support, as well as good service. We were constantly experiencing uncontrollable changes to the schedule, which forced us to deviate from our preconstruction plan. The flexibility of the Framax Xlife system helped provide quick decisions and changes so we could adapt to the new design or plan.

Q: What safety features does the Framax Xlife system exhibit for you and your client(s)?
A: Tie-off locations are pre-engineered and positioned on each panel, taking the guess work or risk away from not using tie-offs. Other systems have to be attached in the field and there is always a risk that they won’t be used. Also, filler walers and accessories can be carried and attached by hand, which reduces our overhead crane work when setting or stripping gangs.

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