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Strip Hydraulically – Introducing the fastest way to strip concrete cores on the market

04.10.2017 | News
Doka’s Framax Xlife stripping corner has successfully been used in forming cores/shafts on thousands of projects around the globe. With a simple built-in ratchet design, all the work of retracting or expanding formwork can be done by one worker at the top of the core. The built-in ratchet makes the operation safe and fast. In accordance with accident prevention guidelines, no crane is required for expanding to set or contracting to strip the core forms. The formwork unit can then be repositioned in a single lift to save crane time.
The fastest stripping corner on the market just got even faster. With the simple addition of specially designed hydraulic cylinders, you can now retract and expand your entire core formwork at the push of a button.

“The stripping corner helps a tremendous amount,” says Danny Bacheller, superintendent, Pinnacle Industries working on Central Park Tower, NYC. “The time savings is incredible—it makes stripping the core easy and allows the climb to start right away.”

“These stripping corners are awesome, you can’t believe how much time they save us,” says Joe Espisito, foreman, G&C Concrete, working on the One Dalton project, Boston, Mass.

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