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Two Towers Rise over LA Live District

The Metropolis is an exclusive new collection of residential towers, sky pools and parks, dining as well as a boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Positioned on 6.3 acres, the entire Metropolis site is part of a massive development of residential and commercial buildings around the Staples Center, which will have a great impact on the surrounding community.

“The Doka protection screens protect several levels supplying a hard barrier that not only secures the levels of any lose debris coming off the building but heightens production due to the worker having the sense of feeling that they are working in a controlled and contained environment. The working platform is another great asset to the protection screens and also provides a huge amount in savings, time and production. This keeps the construction of the structure in close quarters with each other by not having the crane go to the ground for everything that is involved for the cycle of the building.” Chris Neal, Superintendent, PENTA


Overall an extremely tight space for loading/unloading equipment with no lay-down area.


Tower 2
  • Doka provided complete Xclimb 60 Perimeter Protection Screens at 2.5 floors of cantilever, two Staxo stair towers - one suspended from the self-climber and another supported on a screen platform. On the high-rise core self-climber, 4,226 sq. ft. of Top 50 was used.
  • Interior Core: The Super Climber SCP self-climber with 8 brackets using 6 cylinders to climb.
  • Exterior utilized the SKE 50 plus exterior core self-climber with 20 cylinders.
  • Additionally, 2,777 sq ft of additional Top 50 was required on the mid-rise core.
  • Webcor used two separate hydraulic climbing systems to allow for larger rebar cages to be pre-tied and crane lifted into place.
Tower 3
  • Perimeter Protection system which would still allow them to fly Truss tables.
  • Instead of supplying a folding screen, Doka designed a full perimeter of Super Loading Platforms and over 34,000 sq ft of Truss tables.
  • The Super Loading Platforms provided a loadable working platform for picking/storing equipment while still providing protection to the work area below.
  • Tower R3 also has twin Super Climber and SKE 50 self-climbing formwork systems on the cores, one at the mid-rise and the other on the high-rise, with a combined 7,000 sq ft of Top 50.
two towers
two towers
two towers
two towers The full-area enclosure around the perimeter of the building enables all work to be carried out in complete safety, protected from all weather conditions. A loading platform can be integrated into the pro­tection screen for straightforward, safe repositio
two towers The DokaTruss table represents the fastest method to set and strip large slab formwork. The versatile design allows for maximum ganging of slab formwork. The DokaTruss table can be designed for up to 100 feet in length and 21 feet in width with only two t
two towers
two towers
two towers

The Facts

Project Tower 2: Webcor Builders
Height Stories: 42 story high-rise, plus 18 story midrise, 9 levels of podiums and parking

Project Tower 3: Pankow Builders & Penta Building Group (Joint Venture)
Height Stories: 56 story high-rise, plus 27 story midrise, spacing 11 levels of podium and parking

Developer: Greenland USA
Location: Los Angeles
Type of Structure: Residential High-Rise
Construction Time: May 2015-July 2018