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US 460 Connector

Breaks, Virginia

Located in Breaks, Virginia, the new connector is the tallest bridge in the state. The owner wanted an innovative solution for the project that features approximately 35,500 square feet of Doka’s preassembled Top 50 gang formwork, on the US 460 Connector twin segmental box bridge to improve local and regional connectivity and the coalfield expressway infrastructure.


  • The project design called for six pier tables to support the eastbound and westbound lanes. At a length of 50’-0” long, 43’-4” wide and 30’-4” tall each, the pier tables were designed with three horizontal construction joints.
  • With an overall bridge length of 1,733’, the 250’ tall twin segmental box bridge had varying depths from 31’-0” to 12’-6” and each span had 13 segments cast 16’-6” long.


  • Doka designed the formwork for the first lift with an overhead gantry-style system to hang the formwork, allowing the base and slab walls to be placed in the same pour.
  • To construct the spans between each pier table, Doka designed and supplied adjustable formwork gangs that were used in conjunction with a form traveler system, designed and supplied by VSL.

MO-47 bridge
MO-47 bridge
MO-47 bridge
MO-47 bridge
US 460 connector

The Facts

Project name:
US 460 Connector
Breaks, VA
Bizzack Construction, LLC.
Doka equipment used:
Large-area formwork Top 50,
Staxo 100 shoring