Pre-assembly Service

For highest efficiency

A massive database of knowledge and experience are in place to work for you and achieve an optimum result every time. The combination of Doka systems and tailor-fit solutions will provide economical special purpose formwork. Perfect-fit manufacturing ensures totally smooth installation on site.

Doka system formwork covers vast sectors of the formwork field. However, quite often special designs, specifications, or job site limitations may support the economical option of Doka’s preassembly service. This is where custom made formwork units, with standard components, are built to perfection.

Your advantages

Savings on time, space and costs

  • Reduction of assembly time on site eases the schedule and reduces the strain on manpower resources
  • Shorter rental period
  • Reduction of required crane capacity
  • Cost savings because of reduction in quantities stockpiled on site (assembly material and tools)
  • Perfect-fit formwork assemblies speed up progress on the project
  • Industrialized assembly by experienced professionals