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Formwork positioning at a new level

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DokaXact is the first interactive sensor-based system for accurate positioning of wall formwork elements for vertical structures, such as high-rise concrete cores.

It assists the site crew and surveying engineers with quick and accurate plumbing and alignment of wall formwork for automatic climbing systems. The key components are the sensors, installed on the formwork and wireless connected with a central processing unit. DokaXact transforms the traditional surveying process with a smart and digital system. With this state-of-the-art digital installation, the entire wall formwork can be monitored.

Introducing DokaXact - watch the video to learn more

Your advantages with DokaXact

    Transparent processes with DokaXact

    Transparent processes

    Web portal gives project stakeholders clarity regarding build progress and on-site performance.

    Digitised field data for optimisation and transparent planning of the concreting and finishing work.

    Enhanced positional accuracy with DokaXact

    Enhanced accuracy

    High system accuracy of ±2 mm eliminates the human error that plagues manual set-up with plumb-bob and line.

    All sensors are monitored live for pinpoint accuracy in precision-adjusting formwork elements before and during pouring.

    Less surveying work with DokaXact

    Less surveying work

    More time and freedom for surveying engineers, because DokaXact makes it easier for the site crew to self deliver the accurate placement required.

    Digital documentation of the formwork, reinforcement placing and concrete pouring process helps minimise paperwork in the office.

    Faster formwork positioning with DokaXact

    Faster formwork positioning

    Optimised formwork process, because no need for coordination between surveying engineers and site crew as the formwork is set up.

    App assistance, predefined routines for fast plumbing of the formwork elements.

DokaXact für Hochhäuser

DokaXact application areas

The DokaXact system is suitable for multiple sectors in the construction business. It is primarily used in high-rise applications, however it is also suitable for vertical structures in infrastructure and energy projects.

High Rise


  • core and wing walls
  • mega columns
  • facade walls


  • piers
  • pylons
  • towers
  • tanks


  • dams and spillways
  • wind mills
  • cooling towers


  • Are installed at defined positions of the wall formwork
  • Were specially developed for Doka framed formwork and timber-beam formwork systems
  • Employ a redundant measurement process to determine the real-time inclination of the formwork


  • Are the interface between sensors and mobile devices
  • Process the measured data to save locally and in the cloud
  • Communicate by wifi within the system’s dedicated LAN

User software


  • Guides the site crew through the procedure for positioning and plumbing the formwork
  • Visualises the positions of the formwork elements in real-time

Web portal

  • Is the powerful monitoring, analysis and reporting tool for stakeholders such as site managers and surveying engineers
  • Enables data import from as-built surveys

DokaXact integration into your construction workflow

DokaXact supports as digital positioning assistant during forming, reinforcing and pouring. The live monitoring of the entire wall formwork as well as the detailed reporting and the analysis options are also a key element for higher site productivity and execution quality.

Testimonials & References

DokaXact is the result of in-depth analysis of construction-site processes, taking the needs of the users on-site into consideration.

We invite you to take a look at our reference projects and our customers' experiences with DokaXact.

    ‘The most exciting aspect of this project is our deployment of DokaXact. With DokaXact the high accuracy requirements of surveying can be transposed to formwork positioning. DokaXact makes plumbing the formwork much simpler, easing the surveying engineers’ workload. The digital system is a step toward Industry 4.0 in high-rise construction.’

    Joel Van Cranenbroeck, Managing Director, CGEOS - Creative Geosensing SPRL

    Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
    Customer: Serneke
    Height: 245m
    Floors: 73
    Construction time: 3 years
    Wall surface core per floor: 601 m²
    Systems used:

    Plattform SCP
    Framax Xlife

    ‘With the DokaXact app the site crew has an easy job of plumbing the wall formwork. The system takes the position of the previous pouring section into account. As Senior Engineer, I can monitor the as-is position of the formwork before and during pouring without stepping outside my office.’

    Pablo Porcel, Senior Engineer, Byrne Bros. (Formwork) Limited

    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Customer: Byrne Brothers
    Height: 187m
    Floors: 58
    Construction time: 3 years
    Wall surface core per floor: 745 m²
    Systems used:

    Plattform SCP
    Framax Xlife

    ‘The positional accuracy of the formwork elements is vitally important. Now we are able to monitor positioning before, during and after pouring, and we have the process under control from start to finish. So we can be certain that the structure is built as planned and no mistakes can creep in.’

    James Wibberly, Project Engineer, A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd

    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Customer: Lendlease, London Borough of Southwark // AJ Morrisroe & Sons Ltd
    Height: 81m
    Floors: 25
    Construction time: 3 years
    Wall surface core per floor: 262m2
    Systems used:

    SKE50 plus
    Framax Xlife

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