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Make the invisible visible

DokaXact Load & Pressure

What happens inside formwork when pouring?
Nobody can tell it exactly …
... with DokaXact – you can!

DokaXact Load | DokaXact Pressure

DokaXact Load and Pressure sensors enable you to monitor your concrete pouring in real-time for more safety, better scheduling and higher quality.

DokaXact Load

DokaXact Load

Formwork Load Monitoring

DokaXact Pressure

DokaXact Pressure

Concrete Pressure Monitoring

Fields of application

Just like our formwork the DokaXact sensors can be used on a wide range of concrete construction sites such as high-rise buildings, (non) residential, infrastructure and energy projects. Anywhere mission-critical data is needed DokaXact will enable you to get the most out of your project.

Tall walls & columns

Pier West

Tall single-sided walls


Tunnel projects


Projects with critical anchor loads



Save Time

Save Time

  • Efficient pouring in all weather conditions
  • Convenient visualization directly on the smartphone
  • Monitoring of multiple sensors at the same time

Increase Safery

Increase Safety

  • Reliable data directly derived from the concrete during the pouring process
  • More certainty when utilising SCC or low-carbon concrete
  • Digital documentation of all measured data

Sustainability Bubble
Enhance Quality

Enhance Quality

  • Higher concrete durability and aesthetics
  • Avoidance of formwork deformation
  • Prevention of cold joints

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

  • Optimum utilization of staff, formwork and other material
  • Competitive advantage on (future) project(s)


DokaXact can be used to monitor both the anchor load and the fresh concrete pressure. The DokaXact sensors enable visibility of the information on a smartphone, to support efficient and safe controls during the concreting process.

DokaXact Load sensor


Compact wireless load cell

  • Installed directly on the tie rod
  • Usable for the most common tie rod systems​

DokaXact Pressure sensor

Pressure Sensor

Compact wireless sensor

  • Installed directly in the formwork plywood
  • Adjustable to any plywood thickness from 3/8" to 1 1/16"

Both sensors are robust, water and dust resistant and connect via Bluetooth with the user‘s smartphone.

Mobile app & web portal

The DokaXact app displays the fresh concrete pressure or anchor load in real time, enabling precise control of the concreting process. This prevents the limit values from being exceeded and maintains safety and efficiency during concreting. The web portal provides detailed information and access to comprehensive documentation at the touch of a button, at any time.

DokaXact App
DokaXact Pro

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Mark Robertson
Mark RobertsonHead of Sales Digital Services