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Real-time project data. At a glance.

With myDoka, you always have an overview of the inventory and transaction data for your construction sites. Our user-friendly online customer portal is available around the clock, giving you maximum flexibility.

In addition to myMaterial for the management of rental material, myMaterial plus is a new module in myDoka that allows you to manage both rental and your own material.

Your benefits at a glance

Save time

Save time when recording material movements between yards and sites within your company and between your sites and Doka.


Make sure you have the right material, in the right quantity, on site at the right time.

Increase in material utilisation

Increase the transparency of your stock and material movements.

Material movements between construction sites

Increase the utilisation of your own and rented materials.

Do you want to manage your own material with myMaterial plus?
Contact our Digital Solutions team here!

Manage Doka rental material with myMaterial

With myMaterial you can manage your rental stock and the material movements between you and Doka.

The rental stock can be viewed at company, project and site level for any day in the past or for the current status.

Orders can be placed. Returns and transfers can be easily created.

All material movements are displayed in the journal to ensure full transparency of all stock changes.

In addition, there is an overview of orders and returns, where all the necessary information is available at all times to the people in charge.

Manage own & rental material with myMaterial plus

With myMaterial plus you can manage your Doka rental material as well as all types of your own material.

Both rental material from Doka and the entire stock of your company's own material can be displayed for each individual day in the past or at the current status.

Projects, construction sites and article master data can be created and managed individually.

Orders can be placed and return deliveries and rental transfers can be easily created.

An overview of orders from Doka and returns to Doka, including all the necessary information, is available to participants at any time.

To digitally record all changes to the company's material stock, it can be added, moved, returned to yards, delivered from yards to sites and transferred between sites. In the event of damage or loss, the stock can be corrected.

How can I use the myMaterial plus service?

Are you interested in managing your own materials with myMaterial plus? Arrange a consultation now, we look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Robertson
Mark RobertsonHead of Sales Digital Services