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Cooling-tower formwork SK175

The self-climbing formwork for cooling towers

This cooling-tower formwork is a fully mechanized, self-climbing large-area formwork system. It maximizes rationalization and minimizes manual labor. After a short familiarization period, the crew will soon be accomplishing the casting sections in a 1-day cycle.


Maximum safety
for your site crew 

Safety in all phases of the work

  • even at great heights in strong winds, as the formwork is always firmly attached to the structure
  • by means of telescopic working platforms – these are attached at all times filling all gaps even while climbing is in progress, and so provide a safe working environment at all times
  • thanks to optimally adapted platform widths and integrated ladder systems

Rapid working
in a controlled sequence 

Optimized formwork concept for fast forming-times

  • large formwork gangs, making the system much simpler to operate
  • inclination of entire scaffold can be adjusted from one central spindle
  • built-in reinforcement holders in the scaffold, making it a quick and easy job to place the reinforcement

Very high cost-efficiency
for your cooling tower 

A cost-effective solution is ensured by

  • a complete platform system that is independent of the operational sequence
  • very small number of form-tie points per square foot
  • consistently high concrete quality, thanks to the steel form-facing
  • large-area formwork gangs for a casting-section height of 1.5 m
  • Decades of project planning provided by Doka

Doka's SK 175 cooling tower formwork system consists of adjustable steel formwork panels connected to a fully mechanized automatic climbing system that is anchored to the previously cast concrete rings of the tower.



Cooling-tower formwork SK175

This special cooling-tower formwork for hyperparabolic natural draft cooling towers was developed in the course of several years' work on the basis of the Hydraulic climber SK175, and has been repeatedly field-proven. This development embodies Doka's state-of-the-art technology.

The platform system for a streamlined workflow

The permanently mounted telescopic platforms ensure that there is an uninterrupted circumferential walkway all the way around the cooling tower at all times, even during the entire climbing operation. This detail makes a crucial contribution towards safe – and thus trouble-free working.


Perfect adaptability

Working from the platform system, which can be tilted by turning just one central spindle, the crew can easily adjust the formwork up to a 22-degree angle of inclination, by turning the adjusting spindle. The formwork can negotiate vertical curves without difficulty.

Placing the reinforcement

Working from the top platform, the reinforcement can be placed a day in advance. The vertical reinforcement rods are for 2 casting steps at a time. The reinforcements are held in position during placement by reinforcement holders mounted on the scaffold.

A well thought-out system

Electromechanical lifting systems are used to raise the formwork, making it completely independent of the crane.

The 4 platforms make it possible to "de-link" the operational sequences from one another, and are used for carrying out different tasks.

Steel formwork elements with compensating elements on both sides ensure constant results all the way through to the very last casting section.

To allow the formwork elements to be quickly cleaned, they are designed so that they can be rolled back approx. 60 cm (2'-0") from the concrete. The formwork is stripped with the aid of a spindle, and rolled back by hand, on rollers.