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Dokamatic table

The unbeatably fast tableform that adapts perfectly to any slab

The innovative Dokamatic table was designed to dramatically increase formwork handling production whenever medium and large floor slabs have to be cast. Standard accessories can be attached for easy and quick adaptation to changing requirements on site.


Reduced labor costs
Fast assembly & positioning 

Ready to go when delivered

  • Pre-assembled tables with plywood – just attach props!
  • Only one worker is needed to reposition the tables with the shifting device
  • Tables are quickly flown to the next floor with the transport fork
  • There are less individual pieces to handle

Highest safety
The safest slab edge 

Top perimeter performance

  • Perimeter work platforms mount directly to the Dokamatic table and become one unit
  • Standard accessories form slab edges and spandrel beams up to 30” in depth
  • Props can fold away and stay locked to fly the table over parapets or under drop beams

Three dimensional adjustments
Highest flexibility to adapt 

Look at the details

  • Available in four standard sizes
  • Use the high capacity Eurex 30 top prop for heights up to 19ft.
  • Can be combined with the table frame for heights up to 24’-0” or Staxo 100 for higher slabs
  • 8’-0” long insertion beams eliminate all additional shoring in-fill areas

Faster construction cycles without the crane. With the Table Lifting System TLS, tableforms are brought up to the next floor at the push of a button.


Ready-to-use straight from the truck

The innovative design of the Dokamatic table allows for economical forming of large slab areas. Standard accessories can be attached for easy and quick adaptation to changing requirements on site. Even if the slab thicknesses vary, the new Dokamatic table adjusts easy: Simply reposition the table head in the table waling and add intermediate post shores with the intermediate head DM. The yellow marks on the table waling are guides for fast adjustment.

Standard sizes

Dokamatic tables are available in 4 rentable standard sizes.

Accessories for multiple slab edge conditions

Perimeter work platform

  • Delivered pre-assembled platform and handrail easily folds down so platform and table can be repositioned in a single unit.
  • The wide platform (3’-3“) allows a fast and safe working environment.

Fillers areas formed with a system

  • 8‘-0“ long insertion beams are used between the joists to support the filler
  • No additional shoring is required

Slab edge and spandrel beams

Accessories are available to form slab edges and spandrel beams up to 38" in depth.

Adaptable to non-typical heights

  • Combined with the table frame 1.50 m the Dokamatic table can form slabs up to 23‘-6“ high.

Logistics and Transportation

Thanks to their compact design, up to 7 Dokamatic tables can be loaded onto a truck on top of one another - making for improved logistics and reduced shipping costs.

Props install easily

A few blows of a hammer on the quick acting lock of the swivel head are all that is necessary to lock the prop.

Props swing up to clear spandrel beams, or perimeter pro­tection

The post shores can be operated easy - safely locked in a working position or locked in one of two angled idle positions.

Props lock in place

The post shores can be locked at angles of 75° or 90° to allow flying them over parapets or under heavy drop beams.

Dokamatic swivelhead 40

  • for rigid restraint of the floor prop
  • floor prop can be swiveled and locked in 1 working position and 2 idle positions, for safe, fast working
  • the tables can be optimally adapted to the structure simply by relocating the swivel-head in the steel primary beam

Strong support and labor saving solution

A combination of Dokamatic Tables and Staxo 100 load-bearing towers were used to aid in the construction of a 40-foot tall, 10-foot thick slab sitting on eight piers and one shear wall, while spanning over a base mat with two different elevations.

West County Energy Center, Zachry Construction, Palm Beach County, Florida