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Shifting devices for tables

Intelligent solutions for fast, safe repositioning

With Doka repositioning equipment, slab-forming operations can be accomplished even faster. By making the crane unnecessary for both the horizontal and vertical repositioning operations, they simplify and optimize the logistics for the entire site, by eliminating unproductive and costly waiting times. The craneage saved here is then available for use elsewhere, which accelerates the entire construction cycle. This saves on labor costs and boosts the contractors' competitiveness.


Faster jobsite production
with intelligent, crane-independent solutions 

Downtime waiting for the crane are now a thing of the past

  • site logistics optimized by minimizing crane requirements on the jobsite
  • self-climbing Table Lifting System works completely independently and with no need for the crane
  • non-stop repositioning operations are possible when the TLS is stood on the ground and when it is used as a climbing unit suspended from the floor-slab

Safe solutions
thanks to standardized safety systems 

The safest method of working, for all structures

  • ergonomic, safe working, from ground level
  • safe vertical repositioning of tables during high winds, up to speeds of 45 mph.
  • crew protected at all times by safety railings in place on all sides

Increasing efficiency
with the innovative Doka repositioning equipment 

Fast working always pays, and can reduce costs at your site

  • the tables can be positioned quickly and easily, in a few simple steps
  • table areas of up to 165 sq. ft. can be shifted by just one man
  • craneless vertical repositioning of table forms up to the next floor in only 20 seconds

The electric powered lifting platform TLS can be installed at any location along the slab edge and is secured to the building with two simple stop anchors.




The new DoKart is a "high-performer" whose innovative design perfectly suits it for the rough-and-tumble of everyday work on the site.

  • safe, ergonomically comfortable shifting of Doka tableforms by just one man
  • compact unit featuring high maneuverability for fast, easy workflows
  • high load capacity of 4,400 lbs
  • its big wheels, generous ground clearance and solid baseplate make it very rugged and reliable

The DoKart stands out for its great ease of operation, which ensures fast swift and easy cycling.

  • The DoKart's ability to move 90° sideways, and to rotate around its center line, cuts the distance it needs to cover and makes it even easier and quicker to travel the tables.
  • Work is progressed up still further by the high lifting speed. It takes only 1 second to raise the tableform 4 inches, taking it immediately to the right height for its next time of use.

Doka shifting trolley and attachable drive unit

  • One man can move a complete formwork table unit quickly and efficiently.
  • By using the shifting trolley, Dokamatic tabels can be lowered and moved hydraulically, quickly and safely, to the next section on the same level.
  • The attachable drive unit enables an easy repositioning of the Dokamatic tables.

Vertical by crane

Transport fork DM 1.5t adjustable

The transport fork DM 1.5t adjustable, is rated for loads up to 3,300 lbs., and it folds down for transport to site. The forks adjust to four different widths, so they adapt perfectly to any table dimension or specific application. The pawl lock facilitates fork positioning and ensures maximum safety while repositioning is in progress.

Dokamatic lifting strap and outrigger platform

The Dokamatic 13.00 m repositioning slings lift the Dokamatic tables off the extending platform and up to the next level. The repositioning sling 13.00 m is used to lift the entire preassembled table unit. The strap is 42 ft. in length and is easy to engage and disengage.

…and loading platform

The Doka outrigger platform can be built to any size to accommodate specific jobsite conditions. Using the Dokamatic lifting strap, the Dokamatic tables can be quickly lifted off the loading platform and up to the next level.

Vertical without crane

Tables can be lifted from the first story upwards

The Table Lifting System TLS sets a brand-new benchmark for craneless vertical repositioning of tableforms. It makes a major contribution towards optimizing the site logistics, and is designed to provide the very highest workplace safety. The Table Lifting System TLS can also be stood on the ground, making it possible to start repositioning tables right from the very first story.

Doka Table Lifting System - TLS

  • The TLS is an electric powered lifting platform that allows pre-assembled Dokamatic tables to be cycled between floors on a building structure without the need for a crane.
  • TLS takes the crane requirement completely out of the formwork cycle and makes it available for other tasks.

  • No more waiting for the crane provides for a continuous cycle of equipment - No lag time.
  • Short lifting times because the TLS provides a continuous lifting speed of 40 ft./min.
  • Automation of the system allows for assembly line production.

Tables can be lifted on structures of any height

Only a few simple steps are needed to modify the TLS and turn it into a climbing unit that is suspended from the floor-slab. As soon as the TLS is hung into place and fixed, you can start work right away on lifting the Dokamatic tables up to the next floor. In this way, even the tallest buildings can be formed safely and quickly, independently of both wind conditions and crane availability, using Doka tableforms.

Speeds up the construction cycle

The Table Lifting System TLS saves precious crane time. This frees up the crane for other work, in turn speeding up the whole progress of construction. By making the site independent of the wind conditions, the TLS makes a double contribution towards speeding up the work. Table repositioning operations can now continue undisturbed even in windier conditions – and still in complete safety. Manpower can be deployed very efficiently, and fast construction progress achieved, with the interoperable shifting appliances. These make it possible for the tableforms to be travelled to and from the TLS quickly and easily, by just one worker.

Crane-independent raising of the Table Lifting System TLS

In addition to the crane-lifted version of the TLS that is suspended from the slab, the TLS can also be used as a self-climbed system for any structure height. The self-climbing solution delivers even more crane-time savings and safety on the site, as the TLS can now be "jumped" 100% automatically. The self-climbing TLS is the perfect add-on to Doka tableforms and to the protection screens at the slab-edges. This equipment line-up is the ideal slab formwork system for tall structures. Alternatively, where sufficient craneage is available the TLS can also be structure-guided and raised by crane – in any weather.