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Flexible slab formwork system for any layout or concrete finish

Dokaflex is the fast, versatile floor-slab formwork for any desired deck layout. Any type of plywood can be used, so that any concrete surface finish can be achieved based on the requirement of the architect.


Safe and fast to set up
thanks to a pre-defined system grid 

With Dokaflex, you´ll be working faster and safer

  • only 2 different beam lengths
  • the markings on the beams make it easy to set up, with an easy-to-see safety check

Adaptability to all layouts
thanks to a flexible grid 

The flexible floor-slab formwork grid for

  • any shape of layout - beams and floor extensions can easily be solved
  • perfect adaptability to columns and walls
  • adaptable to different slab thickness
  • shoring filigree slabs

Highly cost-efficient
thanks to a pre-engineered design 

Designed for simple site operations, the system components give you

  • very high numbers of re-use cycles
  • simplified site logistics
  • first-rate concrete surfaces
  • reduced jobsite labor costs

The floor slabs are being formed by the site crew using the versatile, streamlined Dokaflex handset system. This makes it a very simple, trouble-free job to adapt the floor-slab formwork to the curving layout of any slab condition.



Floor prop Eurex 30 top

Extremely durable, thanks to integrated impact protector

  • for heights from 5 ft. (1.48 m) to 18 ft. (5.50 m) with consistent load capacity, regardless of the extension length
  • with load capacity of 8.5 kips
  • can be used immediately, without calculations and measurements
  • hot-dip galvanized for durability
  • lightweight for easy handling
  • floor prop extension 20“ (0.50 m) is available

Doka beam H20 top

The Doka beam H20 top - a product of outstanding technology with an innovative end reinforcement

  • For a simple and straightforward assembly and as a check for correct prop locating in the Dokaflex system


Here's how easily the system works

Triangular marks on the beams serve as a built-in "measuring tape".

  • 1 marks = 4'-0" maximum spacing of props
  • 2 marks = 8'-0" maximum spacing of stringers

A Plywood

B Doka beam H20 top 16’- 0” and 11’ - 6”

C Lowering head H20

D Supporting head H20 DF

E Doka floor props Eurex

F Removable folding tripod