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Ladder system XS

Safety on all up/down access routes

System-based ladders can be attached to Doka wall and column formwork in a few simple steps. These safety accessories can be mounted to the formwork while this is still placed flat on the ground. This ensures complete safety, right from the word "go".


Superlative safety

with a perfect system 

The ladder system and cage ensure safe, fast working

  • Complete safety when climbing up or down working platforms
  • Complies with OSHA requirements
  • Proven Doka quality, with hot-dip galvanized components

Ensures smooth workflows

by reducing downtimes 

Safe working means fast working

  • Having safe up/down access makes for a smooth, efficient construction cycle
  • Working in safe surroundings increases your site-crews’ motivation

Simple to deploy – anywhere

with only a small number of different system-based ladders 

One single system for all up/down access routes to work-platforms; compatible with

  • All Doka wall formwork, including circular formwork and Doka supporting construction frames
  • All Doka column formwork systems
  • All climbing formwork and tunnel formwork systems, and the cantilever forming traveler

The perfect match between the traveler and the formwork, the high standard of safety and the optimized ergonomic design all performed convincingly during construction of this bridge. Safe workplace access routes were provided here by the integrated Ladder System XS.