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Safety: Harnessed

Falpro – for when collective fall protection is not possible

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Falpro – the mobile fall protection anchor

Construction projects get more and more challenging, but at the same time they have to be completed more rapidly and more economically. Sacrificing safety, however, is wholly unacceptable. The current safety regulations in the slab-formworking sector only conditionally satisfy the requirements for occupational health and safety and ergonomics. The Falpro with its safety unit closes this gap. It is the ideal synthesis of safety and freedom of movement.

Working in safety at the drop-off edge

without trip hazards because the anchor point is always above head height

Immediately ready, no anchoring to the structure

no planning, installation work or costs for anchoring, no effects on the structure

Unrestricted freedom of movement

with 360° fall protection and a working radius of 30 ft.

Horizontal repositioning is easy

a job for one person and a pallet jack

Product features

  • Diameter:
    7’-5” (2.25 m)
  • Height:
    7’-9” (2.35 m)
  • Weight:
    1045 lbs (475 kg)
  • Standard:
    Compliant with ANSI Z359.18/2017 & DIN EN 795:2012 type E

Here's how it works:


A fall arrester with cable for the safety harness is mounted on the mobile fall protection mast with base mast and extension arm.

As soon as the permissible payload is exceeded, the safety unit trips: the extension arm retracts and draws the anchor point for the safety harness closer.



At the same time a lock engages so that the device can no longer swivel; the user's fall is safely arrested.


Experience the Falpro in Augmented Reality

Install the Doka AR app on your smartphone or tablet now and call up the 'Project model on marker' function. Then point the camera at the front page of this brochure to view the three-dimensional model of the Falpro.
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