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Edge pro­tection system XP

The fall-arrest system for all shell construction phases

This system is the universal safety solution for all edge pro­tection needs. It works in combination with other Doka systems – including wall formwork, floor-slab formwork, systems for safeguarding slab-edges or fall-arrest barriers in the structure shell.


Quick and easy to erect
with easy-click function for higher productivity 

Ergonomically engineered

  • with a logical set-up procedure that makes the system quick and self-explanatory to use
  • for easy handling
  • with a sturdy lightweight construction, and tested quality
  • with integrated parts, which also cuts costs

Rentable all-in-one system for fall pro­tection
on both formwork and structure shell 


  • with only one type of upright for all types of sideguards
  • for formwork, stairways and structure edges
  • with just five different connectors covering all applications

Revolutionary bottom-fixed height extenders for the uprights
Grating heights of up to 6'-0" m are possible with 20 % fewer uprights 

This ingenious system

  • provides full safety up to 4'-0", with only one upright
  • can be extended to 6'-0" simply by adding a bottom-fixed height extender for the upright
  • covers all applications perfectly with just two types of upright, sparing you from having to keep many different types available onsite

Takes up 1/3 less storage and transport volume
meaning more efficient site logistics 

Only two lengths of handrail-post upright

  • makes for simple, space-saving warehouse and site logistics
  • makes them compact to transport and easy to handle