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Folding platform K

The pre-assembled scaffold platform for concrete construction sites

The Doka Folding Platform K are preassembled platforms delivered to the site folded flat to save space. Onsite, a few simple steps are all it takes to open the platform and to install them into position.


Tested safety
for reliable pro­tection 

Put the advantages of these Working Scaffolds to work for you

  • reduced costs, due to faster, safer working
  • extra-high load-bearing capacity (max. 75 psf)
  • the crane-hoisting points can be lowered out of the way to leave a flat, wide platform deck
  • the right safety solution for every situation

Rapid working
thanks to easy handling 

Reduced labor and crane times, thanks to

  • pre-assembled units
  • planning where to put the suspension points is easy, thanks to the system's logical concept
  • ready for use straight away, after a very few quick and easy actions

can be used for all types of safety task 

Depending on your needs, you can use the pre-assembled scaffold platforms as

  • working platforms
  • pro­tection platforms
  • fall barriers
  • protective canopies

Highly cost-efficient
saving you time and money 

Achieves cost-optimization by

  • being easy to use
  • having a long lifespan
  • Less storage and transport space

The new buildings for the school and boarding hostel in Mariatal are in fair-faced concrete with punctuated facades. These have a distinctive formwork pattern that directly echoes the shape of the heritage-protected building fabric. As well as Large-area formwork Top 50, Doka supplied this building project with Folding platform K, which provided high workplace safety.



Fix the handrails

Pull up the railings: When opened against the stop, simply lift and slot them in place.

Pull out the pressure strut

Four point lifting tackle, e.g. lifting chain (4 part) 10`6".

Unbolt the vertical rod

Pivot the vertical rod upward and secure it by inserting the U-bolt pin. The folding platform K is now ready to use.

Suspending the folding platform K

For all cone suspension points:

Drop the folding platform K: The suspension head incorporates an automatic locking mechanism to prevent the platform being accidentally lifted out.

Types of suspension point

The standard suspension point is prepared by screwing a suspension cone into an embedded positioning-point.

A suspension plate can be used to retrofit a dependable suspension point to the concrete floor-slab whenever needed.

The Fair-faced concrete positioning cone 15.0 5cm is particularly suitable for fair-faced concrete projects where the form-tie points and suspension points are required to make a uniform hole-pattern.


The Folding platforms K are pre-assembled and can be transported and stored folded closed. This saves space and keeps them safe from overturning and slipping. This high packing density translates into low shipping volume and excellent utilisation of the loading area of the truck.