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Alu Box Beam

The super strong, lightweight Aluminum Beam

The innovative cross-section of the Alu box beam provides a high load capacity, permitting optimized equipment usage on site. The integrated nailing strip and continuous T-slot provide a versatile construction member that is adaptable to various jobsite requirements.

High load capacity
achieved by innovative beam cross-section 

  • permitted shear force 23.2 kN / 5.2 kip
  • permitted bending moment 14.9 kNm / 11 kip-ft
  • weight 7.3 kg/m / 4.8 lbs/ft
  • height of beam 17.5 cm / 6.9 in

Long lifespan
thanks to high manufacturing quality 

  • high number of re-use is possible based on the robust material design properties of aluminum
  • versatility of continous T-slot connection point
  • integrated high grade plastic nailing strip allows for easy attachment of plywood

Cut costs
by reducing the number of items needed 

  • up to 1/3 fewer props for floor slabs, as increased primary beam spacing is possible
  • up to 50 percent fewer primary beams in the top construction of fully loaded shore towers, thanks to a high load capacity
  • optimized site logistics and lower freight costs, as fewer items are required
Cover Leaflet

Leaflet Alu Box Beam

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