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Column formwork KS Xlife

The high-speed column formwork with a folding mechanism

Wherever large numbers of columns, with varying cross-sections, need to be formed on time and on budget.


Rapid forming
thanks to folding mechanism 

Gives your site a boost

  • as the formwork is simply folded open and shut, minimizing set-up and removal times
  • as there is no need to change the form-facing when adjusting the cross-section anywhere between 20 and 60 cm, in 5 cm increments

Reduced close-out costs
thanks to the high-grade Xlife sheet 

The plastic-coated Xlife sheet delivers

  • very high numbers of repeat uses and fewer changes of form-facing
  • fewer places needing touching-up, thanks to special surface structure
  • very easy cleaning and can easily be nailed or screwed

Easy to reposition
using the shifting-wheels 

You can reposition the Column formwork KS Xlife

  • by hand, i.e. without crane assistance, up to a max. formwork height of 3.60 m
  • in one crane cycle, thus saving crane time, for heights above 3.60 m

Enhanced safety
throughout the entire operation 

Superlative safety conditions on your site, thanks to

  • safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS
  • safe working with the Doka column formwork platform 150/90cm


Quick to plumb and align

The positioning aid makes it possible to plumb and align the formwork quick and easy using a nail-puller.

Clean edges

The frontal triangular ledge chamfer is easy to install and ensures tight, clean corners.

Long-lived Xlife sheet

  • Extremely high numbers of re-uses with excellent concrete finish results
  • No burst-off plywood chips, and less water absorbed through nail-holes, for longer service life
  • Wood-plastic composite plywood sheet that can easily be cleaned using a high-pressure washer


Craneless repositioning

When wheels are attached, Column formwork KS units with heights of up to 3.60 m can be wheeled and repositioned on the same level. Four shifting wheels KS per column are easy to clamp onto the formwork and save a great deal of crane time when manually repositioning the units horizontally.

Imprint-free concrete finish

The form-ply is screwed-on from the rear, ensuring fair-faced concrete quality that is free of screw-head imprints.

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