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Supporting construction frame

Can support one-sided walls up to a height of 42' - 0"

Supporting construction frames enable the concreting forces to be safely transferred by way of diagonal anchors in cases where it is not possible to tie timber-beam elements or framed formwork panels through the concrete.


Time and cost savings
from high-speed repositioning 

The right repositioning solution in every case:

  • by crane
  • by travelling unit, on rails or rollers

Adjustable down to the last inch
thanks to innovative combinations 

The unique supporting construction frame permits continuous adjustability, thanks to its

  • practical attachable frame
  • The bottom frames have both front and rear height adjustment jacks

Enhanced safety
thanks to its unrivaled range of accessories 

Even greater safety, thanks to standardized solutions

  • concrete forces are safely transferred
  • ready-to-use platform solutions for all heights
  • safe vertical access routes for work inside the construction



Supporting construction frame Universal F

  • For pour heights of up to 42’ - 0"
  • Flexible height adjustment
  • Tall units can be wheeled
  • Vertical stacking is easy and fast
  • Rapid adaptation to any uneven ground
  • Welded frame units eliminating 90% of assembly labor
  • Designed for normal pour pressure of up to 1,000 psf

Single-sided walls in a single pour

Combining Framax Xlife panels with the supporting construction frame Universal F makes it possible to pour even very high walls in one continuous operation.

Inverted supporting construction frames

To support the heavy slab construction on this tunnel in Holland, MI, frames were inverted and adapted into a traveler setup. The entire unit is designed as a gang and can travel in large complete sections from pour to pour.

Tulip City Tunnel, Kent Companies, Holland, MI


Custom applications

Positioned in the horizontal and anchored to the structure, supporting construction frames can be used to make heavy-duty platforms for formwork assignments at lofty heights.