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Large-area formwork Top 50

The gang wall formwork system for all shapes and sizes

Large-area formwork Top 50 is a modular gang form system constructed from standard parts that can be assembled in any configuration for a wide range of applications. Shape, size, tie pattern, and plywood can be adapted to suit your jobsite requirements.


for all shapes, sizes and pour pressure requirements

The "construction kit" timber-beam formwork for

  • any architectural requirement
  • any formwork pressure
  • any type of form-facing
  • any tie-hole pattern

Fast, efficient working
thanks to optimized formwork solutions

Cost-efficient project implementation thanks to

  • individualized solutions
  • high numbers of re-use cycles
  • short forming-times
  • large, optimized gang units

from custom-built formwork

Pre-assembly by Doka's unique Ready-to-Use Service gives you

  • a tight joint pattern
  • time and space savings at the site
  • exactly matching elements to minimize concrete finishing
  • special solutions for bridge, tunnel and industrial construction

Extremely high safety
thanks to safe workplace access routes

Large-area formwork Top 50 is easy to combine

  • with practical Doka safety products such as the Ladder system XS
Wall forms used for museum in Canada

Faced with unusually shaped walls and architectural concrete walls, PCL Constructors Canada Inc. used a combination of Top 50 gang panels, and Framax Xlife for this 260,000 sq. ft. museum. Large-area formwork Top 50 gang panels join together quickly and suited the different and unique construction shapes and finish requirements, while saving on costs with on-site assembly.


About the Wall formwork Top 50

Wall form Top 50 in detail

The Doka formwork beams H20 (1) and the steel walings (2) are spaced closer together or further apart, depending upon what pour pressure you desire. The plywoods form-facing (3) is your choice and can be selected for specific jobsite requirements.

the Top 50 wall form in detail
Wall form Top 50 can easily be used for pre-assembly

Formwork built by Doka's pre-assembly

The individual parts of the Top 50 system can quickly be assembled into site-ready elements by means of easy-to-use connecting devices: This saves on assembly costs. Having the elements pre-assembled by the Doka pre-assembly ensures top-quality, meaning tight form joints and a first-class joint pattern, even with challenging geometries. For high numbers of repeat uses, selecting Large-area formwork Top 50 pays off even more.

Free choice of form facing and form-tie pattern

With the Top 50 wall formwork system, all architectural specifications can be fulfilled.

wall form form all architectural specifications

How to use the wall formwork Top 50

Wall forms for architectural concrete

Because it can be used with any form facing and adapts to any shape of structure, Large-area formwork Top 50 is particularly suitable for forming concrete that has to meet stringent specifications regarding its surface finish (i.e. architectural concrete).

Wall form for architectural concrete
Wall formwork Top 50 combined with MF-240

Top 50 used in combination with climbing formwork MF-240 to produce fair faced concrete walls on many high-rise projects in Chicago, IL.

Custom Top 50 wall formwork can be constructed to accommodate any wall design and produce excellent finish results as depicted on the retaining wall project in Pittsburgh, PA.

The wall form for any wall design and for excellent finish results

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