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Tip #1 for Formwork Success - Evaluating total project needs

Consultation and professional support from the beginning will help you to choose the best suited formwork system for your job. You will then be able to use the formwork efficiently and to its full capacity.
Eliminate unplanned costs and delays by asking questions from the start and work together with your formwork partner through every step of the project. Follow my blog on #formworktips to see the Top 9.5 considerations to help you choose the right formwork partner for your project. Tell us what do you look for in a construction product or service supplier? The first step in choosing the correct formwork for a project consists of a review of the project and the design and site challenges. Does the design call for use of multiple types of formwork? Does the site call for work in close quarters, where there is no room for the formwork staging? Do a self-evaluation of the conditions you know will be present at the site and then contact formwork suppliers at the very early design stage of the project. Concrete contractors should be involved early to provide advice on the most economical construction methods, as they will be physically building the structure. Concrete contractors should perform a detailed analysis to help select the best system for the construction project. Because conditions vary for each individual project, there is no simple formula for choosing the right formwork supplier or system. Common to all construction projects, however, is the underlying process of assessing the situation, evaluating several forming systems, receiving bids, project planning, constructing the structure, and finally, project close out.
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Michael Schaeffer Michael Schaeffer, Vice President for Doka North America, has been in the industry for over 22 years. A formwork professional, Mike’s career also includes engineering, front line sales, operations, branch management, and regional sales management. Today, Schaeffer’s responsibilities include full responsibility for Eastern North America. More articles from this author