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Tip #2 for Formwork Success - Development of cost-effective solutions

To help determine the most efficient solution for a project, a contractor should evaluate several forming systems.
Rely on professional advice when selecting formwork to ensure that a cost-effective system is selected. Each concrete structure is unique, so there is not a one-system-fits-all solution. Formwork must be considered in the overall construction plan decision-making process. Crane availability, access in and out of the site, experience of available labor force must all be considerations. It is best practice to get the formwork supplier involved in early discussions regarding the entire construction process. With this information a comprehensive evaluation should be developed assessing the total costs.  In general, a contractor has two choices: an inexpensive forming material that is labor-intensive or a forming system that while costing more, provides high productivity, built-in safety features and is more labor efficient.
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Michael Schaeffer Michael Schaeffer, Vice President for Doka North America, has been in the industry for over 22 years. A formwork professional, Mike’s career also includes engineering, front line sales, operations, branch management, and regional sales management. Today, Schaeffer’s responsibilities include full responsibility for Eastern North America. More articles from this author