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Doka innovates with wide platform storage in great heights

08.27.2015 | News
On high-rise construction sites in lively city areas, storage space is often very limited. In addition, as with every construction project, minimizing labor requirements and optimizing material flow are key factors to success.


To solve this problem Doka, together with Hardwall Construction, developed its Protection Screen Xclimb 60 to unimagined capabilities: The new hydraulic protection screen system incorporates a 16 ft loading platform to provide storage and laydown space outside the building perimeter at any height level of your project – with material right at your crew’s hand.

The system allows for the hydraulic lifting of seven loaded platforms at once, capable of carrying 6,000 lbs per 12’ x 16’ platform. As the development is based on Xclimb 60 technology, even during high wind conditions, an entire wall gang unit is repositioned safely and easily in one single lift.

On its very first application at the INDX Condominium Project in Toronto all seven platforms were lifted into the next casting step at once, with no crane and within only one hour. The innovation of having a climbing work and loading platform unified in one single system resulted in the reduction of formwork cycle time to 4 days versus 6 days and eventually saved the contractor 100 valuable days of construction time.

Ask Doka for your individual platform storage solution.

This particular project was conducted by Doka Toronto.

Doka Canada Ltd.
12673 Coleraine Drive
Bolton, Ontario L7E 3B5
Tel.: 866-923-6629

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