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Upgraded table system solution for high-speed construction

06.30.2014 | Press
For today’s high-speed construction cycles, quickly setting and stripping large slab formwork is crucial. In response to this trend, the Doka Truss Table system was created. It meets the need for more flexibility and increasing safety requirements of our fast-paced construction market.
The Truss table system is capable of efficient slab forming operations because of its length, strength, light weight, flexibility in between columns, and slab perimeter conditions. The Truss Table system is optimally designed from a combination of steel and aluminum, which keeps the weight of the complete table below 9.5 pounds per square foot.

With the ability to reduce working points and re-shore requirements up to 12-foot leg spacing, the modular and flexible length, width and height can be configured to many jobsite specifications. The Doka Truss table is easily adaptable to many building layouts and room heights when using standard Doka parts. A fast speed height adjustment is built into the truss, while the jack at the bottom allows for fine adjustment or steps up to 6 feet. The Doka Truss Table System can be designed for up to 100 feet in length and 21 feet in width with only two trusses. Any larger sizes can be created by adding in additional truss sections. The speed and efficiency of the system also provide labor savings by quickly and safely cycling large tables of up to 2,100 square feet per crane lift.

According to Michael Schaeffer, North America Region Sales Manager, the system is easy to set-up and cycle. The open design of the truss allows easy access through all levels, making it easy to continue with other tasks while the trusses are in place, he said.

Trusses are shipped to the site in sections of 10 or 20 feet. With only two sizes, and high flexibility on both ends, any table length up to 100 feet can be assembled. The individual sections can be assembled in different locations and are completely designed with all standard Doka parts.

Product Video Available: Doka Truss Table

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