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Tallest Residential Building in Western Hemisphere Rises High with Doka

07.15.2014 | Press
Located on what is dubbed as “Billionaire’s Row,” 432 Park Avenue is a 90-foot by 90-foot square luxury condo building being erected 1,398 feet high. When complete, it will be the tallest residential building in New York City and in the Western Hemisphere.


But, building up and setting records does not occur without some key challenges, especially related to safety. As such, Roger & Sons Concrete, Inc., the concrete contractor on the project, selected Doka based on their ability to provide the high-end formwork solutions, fast service and safe practices to keep the project on schedule.
Located between 56th and 57th streets, the 96-story building is situated in a neighborhood known for art, fashion and retail. The 104-unit building’s condos range in price from $7 million to $95 million and will include an exclusive 8,500-square-foot private restaurant that will serve three meals a day only to the condo owners and their guests. Other notable building features and amenities include trademark square windows, private lift landings, separate service entrances, 12.6-foot ceilings, and a 75-foot indoor swimming pool. Custom, architectural steel formwork is being used all around the outside column and the spandrel beams in the form of stainless steel factsheets.
Construction began in September 2011 and Doka quickly implemented many of their formwork solutions to keep all members of the construction team safe. Doka’s load-bearing Staxo 100, de-signed for tall shoring-heights and high loads, is being used because of its ability to unite high-load capacity and safety. The system's very high load-bearing capacity – up to 22,500 pounds per leg – has optimized use of equipment for this project.

Staxo 100 features built-in protective features including safe up/down access assured by lad¬ders with slip-resistant rungs integrated into the frames; individual safety aided by defined anchorage points for personal fall arrest systems; and safe erection and dismantling ensured by “mounted-ahead” railings.

In addition, Doka’s Super Climber combined with Framax is being used as the self-climbing core formwork. Both systems provide safe wide working platforms for the interior and exterior of the core construction to ensure safety during working operations and for up-and-down access. Doka’s Super Climber also provides integrated platforms, stair towers and ladders. The Super Climber uses a single stroke cylinder to move the core with forms, concrete placing boom and multiple levels of working platforms up to the next casting step. All of the formwork for an entire story is raised independently of the crane. The system allows the inside and outside forms to be hung from the gantry, which enables the contractor to roll forms away from core walls, while erecting and stripping. There is no need to strip forms into units, which keeps the core forms as a single unit. This cuts down on labor costs and speeds up construction cycle.

“This building will be a landmark…rising out of Midtown like a pencil sticking up in the air twice as high as anything else in the neighborhood,” says Antonio Rodrigues, President of Roger & Sons Concrete, Inc., the contractor for the project.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2016.

For a time lapse video showing construction progress, please visit

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