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The Residential Hit of Toronto Flies Toward Completion

06.23.2014 | Press
The Station Condominiums project in Toronto, Canada, dubbed as the city’s “newest hit production,” has given Doka a leading role and let it shine with use of some of starring products used for the first time in a city project. Located next to the Wilson subway station and just minutes from the Yorkdale Shopping Center, the 14-story building features an east and west tower with a combined 388 units.The mixed-use office/residential space, which started construction in January 2013, is slated to open in January 2015.


Addressing challenges

High shoring areas on the second-floor of the building and the need for transfer beam and slabs on the seventh floor presented a challenge for the 15-floor mixed-use office and residential building. What’s more, Doka was tasked with coordinating the logistics of moving an 80-foot truss fly from the ground with pedestrians, hydro wires, light posts, and cars and trucks traveling along Wilson Road into the podium area of the building.

The formwork manufacturer did just that. Doka truss-cut into 24-foot or 12-foot segments to be able to fly from beams and slabs from the ground floor and then later connect the truss segment on the upper floors. The manufacturer’s truss provides a six-foot leg spacing, a foot more than the five-foot average size of competitors. This means fewer props, resulting in a decreased need for equipment and, ultimately a 20 percent labor savings.

To keep the project on track, Doka worked closely with the general/concrete contractor Coll-Form Ltd., part of Collavino Construction Co., a general contracting organization specializing in heavy civil and large cast-in-place concrete projects.

Bi-weekly meetings were held between Coll-Form and Doka to coordinate the scheduling of the project, but with daily support and field service provided as needed. Careful attention to detail and coordination with the site engineers and office staff helped to ensure safety in the field.
This attentiveness and organization as well a good working relationship and adaptability led to Doka being awarded the Station Condominium project.

Doka was asked if it could install an 80-foot truss in the building’s center 10-story podium area, and the company complied, happy to meet the customer’s needs. However, this situation was quite unique: the customer proposed to the general contractor that it wanted to fly 80-foot trusses instead of the general contractor planning the project. Ultimately, the vertical slab formwork won the job for Doka, based on the company’s design and ability to provide the solution.

The 80-foot truss has been done before, but it is a rare approach. Crane location dictates size of the trusses. When the crane trollies out to pick up the equipment, crane capacity is needed at the tip to carry the truss. The tower crane can pick up one massive truss to save half of the labor with the 80-foot truss, as compared to two 40-foot trusses and additional labor. All the parameters must fit, however, for this solution to work. This was the first truss to be used by this customer so support and help were needed. Doka was able to provide both.

As the building shifts and changes, it changes based on initial drawings but the builder can change the structure of the building so support can vary. “We just redesign as we go and provide this support on a daily basis with planned meetings bi-weekly,” said Frank Trimboli, senior account manager, Doka Eastern Canada. “We partner with the customer to do the project. In the Toronto market, it is all about the relationships with owners and general contractors. Customer relationships are built on confidence in Doka and on respect.”

Distinct formwork

Doka supplied the majority of formwork from perimeter walls to shear walls. This is notable because it is the first project in Toronto that has been awarded slab and vertical solution with only one supplier – Doka.

Fifteen-story towers back up to either side of the center podium. At some point during construction, there will be more than 36,000 sq. ft. of trusses on the project. This is a huge footprint when compared to a typical building at 15,000 sq. ft. Although not an extremely tall building, it is a significant footprint.

Framax was used at the beginning of this high-profile condo project for all vertical formwork to help the contractor erect the panels quickly for the 15,000-sq. ft. of vertical framework. Doka’s aluminum Super-Prop was also used for reshorings on this project, the first jobsite in the area for which this had been used. This is noteworthy because Super-Prop has a 20-percent higher capacity than competitive products. Extension – i.e. length – is longer which ultimately means fewer props are needed. This translates to savings on money and labor and less equipment being handled, and in turn, benefits Doka’s customers.

A ‘monumental step’ forward

The Station Condo project has been is a monumental step forward for Doka North America not only because it has broken into a highly competitive market and has been met with approval, but it has generated requests from other areas to use Doka’s Truss Table and aluminum Super Prop products.

When Doka started in Toronto, it had been pigeon-holed into only bidding on what the company was known for, not slab solutions since it did not have anything competitive to this specific market.

“This project is huge for Doka Toronto,” Frank Trimboli, senior account manager, Doka Eastern Canada, says. “It is the first time for Doka to provide a solution in this competitive market in Toronto.”

However, the company’s new Super Prop and Truss Table system gave it the ability to both provide a solution for customers and gain a competitive edge in the market.

“Our competitors would give vertical and slab solutions for bidding, but Doka could only give vertical solution,” Trimboli says. “This project is a showcase for Doka, but now we are able to provide both solutions.”

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