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Doka Formwork Enables Work in Dense Urban Neighborhood

05.28.2014 | Press
Built on the last available site in the harbor district of Vancouver’s traditional business core, the MNP Tower will offer new opportunities for businesses to lease commercial real estate in the heart of the city’s financial district. Located at 1021 West Hastings, the tower not only enjoys views of the North Shore mountains but is situated in the immediate vicinity of the iconic Canada Place (built for the ‘Expo86’ World’s Fair) and the Vancouver Convention Center (built for the 2010 Winter Games).


The tower will stand 37 stories above street level, and its tight urban site allowed for only a minimal construction zone. It was important, therefore, that concrete contractor R-Four Contracting Ltd. find ways to optimize its limited space. R-Four chose Doka to provide 2,905 square feet of Top 50 large-area formwork for the tower’s core walls, as well as the Super Climber Self-Climbing Platform (SCP) for the core system. Both the SCP and Top 50 were prebuilt off-site and then shipped to the jobsite. This preassembly saved space on the construction site and also allowed for quicker assembly once the formwork was received onsite, so it had minimal impact on the overall schedule. The efficiency of this process also allowed R-Four to reduce crew size and obtain a savings in labor cost.

The SCP allowed the core to be cycled independent of the site tower crane and accommodated the use of a placing boom. This translated into space savings and scheduling efficiency and also aided in the pouring process. As the SCP runs extremely quietly, cycling of the core could begin early in the morning without noise disturbance to the surrounding neighborhood.

The use of Top 50 formwork resulted in a fair-faced concrete finish. The fact that no further finish work needed to be done after the formwork was removed reduced R-Four’s labor costs and provided a high quality finished product to the client. Doka products also adhered to the high safety standards which R-Four enforces on the jobsite.

“Doka’s SCP super climber has allowed us to achieve the same productivity and schedule as planned while reducing our typical core crew size by half. This has greatly reduced our overall labor costs,” says Steve Pickrell, R-Four Site Superintendant.

The project is scheduled for completion in February 2014.

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