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Doka Introduces New Slab Formwork Innovation for Concrete Construction

07.31.2013 | Press
Doka has introduced a new Truss table system to meet the needs for more flexibility and increasing safety requirements of our fast speed construction market.


  • A fast speed height adjustment is built into the truss and the jack at the bottom allows for fine adjustment or steps up to 4 ft. The truss is lowered with jacks or winches always allowing enough room to pick the table securely before rolling the table outside of the structure.
  • The truss table can be designed for up to 100 ft. in length and 21 ft. in width with only two trusses. Any bigger size can be done by adding in additional truss sections.
  • After the assembly in single units, the full truss size is assembled based on jobsite space conditions directly in place for the first slab to be poured. The assembly builds up the required length and also adjusts the table to the desired height.
  • The Truss Table was successfully used at the Mustard Seed Affordable Housing Project, a 12-story multi-use building in Calgary, Alberta.

Successful Debut in Calgary

The innovative slab forming solution is in use on the Mustard Seed Affordable Housing Project in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Concrete contractor Con-Forte Contracting Company and GB Clark Builders’ main goal was to ensure the project stayed on track and on budget. Doka was hired for the 15-story project because of their extensive line of formwork solutions as well as this new innovative Truss table system.

The Truss table is a system for slab forming operations, being used for all slab forming operations on the Calgary Mustard Seed Affordable Housing Project. This new system from Doka speeds slab forming operations, due to its length, strength, light weight, flexibility in between columns and certain slab perimeter conditions.

“By far the Truss table is a much safer, versatile, and quicker system to use. We can do approximately 900 square meters in around 12 hours of rotation. Doka is a great team to work with in designing these tables. It’s a great system to use,” stated Mitch Haider, Forman, Con-Forte Contracting.

According to Doka Account Manager-Preston Eipert, the system is easy to set-up and cycle. The open design of the truss allows easy access through all levels, making it easy to continue with other tasks while the trusses are in place, he said

The Mustard Seed building was built on an existing lot in downtown Calgray, which provided modest area for the Truss Table System equipment layout. Using minimal man power allowed them to modify the same equipment for each scope and stay within budget, schedule, and the restriction of the site space.

The Truss Table System

The Truss Table System is optimally designed from a combination of steel and aluminum, which keeps the weight of the complete table below 9.5 pounds per square foot. Trusses are shipped to the site in sections of 10 or 20 feet. With only two sizes, and high flexibility on both ends, any table length up to 100 feet can be assembled. The individual sections can be assembled in different locations and are completely designed with all standard Doka parts.

The joists can be standard Doka H20 top timber beams. The design was done to have minimum deflection under heavy loads with results in a high quality concrete finish. Trusses were designed to have minimum deflection under heavy loads, which results in a high quality concrete finish. The standard Doka parts allow for a quick and simple assembly sequence to minimize labor cost for assembly.

For decking, the plywood that fits the job the best can be used. This allows the contractor to be fully in charge of cost and finish quality.

Between columns and certain slab perimeter conditions, the Doka Truss can accommodate add-on sections to form these areas and conveniently hinge down and move as part of the Truss. When compared to alternative solutions, maximum leg spacing on the truss reduces adjustment points and greatly minimizes overall re-shore requirements.

The Doka Truss Table System can be designed for up to 100 feet in length and 21 feet in width with only two trusses. Any bigger size can be created by adding in additional truss sections. Room heights from 8 feet up to 13 feet are done with the standard single legs. For higher rooms, the complete system is set on top of 13 feet of Doka Staxo 100 shoring that is 100 percent compatible with the Truss Table System.

Ground breaking was Sept.16, 2011, and construction completion is slated for Jan. 1, 2014.

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