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Cost Savings and Safety at Water Street in Tampa

Tampa, Florida

Doka worked with contractor, CCK Construction Services, providing solutions that would eliminate the use of a crane, which would reduce overall costs. Safety was a prime concern when building in a congested area such as Water Street and Doka provided the high level of safety solutions needed.

Near 1050 Water Street, three other buildings were being constructed at the same time so there was limited space for laydown and no space for an extra crane. In an area with that much congestion, using the least amount of cranes is important. Additionally, much of the time and costs in construction are due to use of cranes, and reducing costs was a plus. The project required that increased safety standards were met, including for edge protection. The project was located over a busy street and it was necessary to have a system to protect those below from debris from falling off the building. The parking garage brought additional difficulties in achieving the slope/pitch needed within an 8 x 8-foot grid.

CCK Construction Services was able to reduce an entire crane for 12 months by using Dokamatic table slab formwork in combination with Doka's Table Lifting System (TLS). The TLS freed up the tower crane so it could instead concentrate on making picks, as well as flying rebar and steel. Then, using automatic climbing formwork, Super Climber SCP eliminated over 200+ crane picks. Frami and Framax wall formwork was used for the columns. The universal Frami panels allowed any column to be formed, up to 32 x 32 inches square. On the ramp of the parking garage, Superdek was used to handset the ramp thanks to the speed in hand setting it from the ground. To meet safety standards, Smart Edge, a pre-engineered metal fence was used with a quick trigger device. This allowed the crew to rapidly set it up without having to build a safety fence with lumber. Productivity increased with the ability to install 1,000 lineal feet of 4-foot x 8-foot fence in two to three hours. This was the first time the contractor had used Smart Edge and they liked the set up and locking mechanism. To protect those below from debris falling off buildings, Safety Net Fans were employed. The project is located over one of the busier streets in the area and it was required to have safety nets every four floors. The Safety Net Fans were easily jumped as required.

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The Facts

Project Name
1050 Water Street
Tampa, Florida
Type of structure
Residential, retail, hotel, office, and parking garage
General Contractor
CCK Construction Services
Strategic Property Partners
Morris Adjmi Architects

Building data

Structure Height
22 stories of residential, 7 levels of parking garage
Square Feet
30,000 square feet of retail space