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Climbing formwork MF240

Crane-lifted formwork for structures of any shape and any angle of inclination

Climbing formwork MF240 permits controlled, regular working cycles on all tall structures. It is extremely easy to set up, and can be tailored to meet a wide range of different requirements.


High flexibility
meaning optimum adaptation to any construction project, with only a few individual components 

  • By turning pressure, spindles, the climbing formwork MF240 can be perfectly accommodated to structures whose inclination varies from one cycle to the next
  • The main platforms can be assembled either on-site or at our nearest warehouse

Optimum safety
for your site crew 

reliably safe-workspaces and workplace access routes ensured by

  • the 8'-0" (2.40 m) wide work-platforms, with plenty of space for fast, safe working
  • the ability to integrate Ladder System XS into the design

Easy to operate
saving you time and money 

Makes the forming operations fast and efficient, as

  • the brackets are modular and assembly requires only 6 pins
  • the formwork and platforms are cycled together, in one piece
  • the formwork can be adjusted accurately and quickly in all directions
  • the working parts are protected from concrete and all parts are galvanized

Colasanti Specialty Services selected Doka USA to provide formwork for all three of the project's major components: the 725 ft. tall tower, a garage and nine cores within the podium.


Climbing formwork MF240

The formwork and climbing scaffold are linked together as a single unit which can be repositioned in just one crane-lift. On structures with straight walls, Climbing formwork MF 240 permits casting sections that are up to 20 ft. high.

Climbing formwork MF240 gets structures up to form

Even very complex structural shapes can be constructed using Climbing formwork MF240. Thanks to its practical design, Climbing formwork MF240 can be adapted to highly diverse requirements.


Safe working

Stringent requirements regarding workplace safety call for outstandingly good formwork. The 8'-0" (2.40 m) wide platforms on Climbing formwork MF240 provide plenty of space for fast, safe working and make a fully enclosed platform system.

In service worldwide. With worldwide success.

Based on Doka's decades-long experience of widely differing construction tasks, in many different countries, Climbing formwork MF240 is the crane-jumped solution that covers the entire architectural spectrum.

3 PNC, PJ Dick, Pittsburgh, PA