We are looking for smart ideas and innovative approaches to solutions for the “Future Workplace”

Continued rapid technological developments as a result of factors like digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence demand a multi-faceted approach to new technologies, methods and media. Companies are called upon to focus on megatrends at an early stage. This also applies to Doka. The company is using the Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2019 – founded by the parent company, the Umdasch Group – to establish contact with national and international start-ups, students and innovators, to find answers to the question regarding the “Future Workplace”.

  • We are looking for new approaches to how people can work together in future.
  • We are on the lookout for revolutionary ideas and stimuli as to what the Future Workplace might look like.
  • We are looking for pioneering solutions in order to be able to structure and to share knowledge internationally.
  • We are looking for start-ups, students and collectives who can enable innovative solutions for collaboration and communication at an international level and which pursue future-oriented technologies that will have a positive influence on work and how we deal with each other on a day-to-day basis.

The Call For Ideas is open till 25 November.

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