What it feels like working with single-source tunnel solutions from Doka.

Formwork solutions for Tunnel projects

Special construction projects require special know-how. When it comes to tunnel projects of any kind – whether mining or cut-and-cover construction, as well as lining & stations – Doka is your reliable partner. And Doka is much more than just a partner for formwork – it is also a one-stop supplier that can design and implement a sophisticated tunnel solution, but can also provide integrated support with project management, engineering, and on-site supervisors.

We offer a comprehensive, worry-free package, tailored to your specific tunnel construction project. Everything from one hand – our hand.

Mining Method - Tunnel

Mining Method

Tunneling by mining method entails boring or otherwise excavating an underground cavity.

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Cut & Cover Method - Tunnel

Cut & Cover method

In cut-and-cover tunneling the pit remains open while the tunnel is being built.

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Lines & stations - Tunnel

Lines & stations

Metro projects are complex because of the individual contract sections, often involving different methods of construction.

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Construction Project
What is being built?

Structural elements

Diverse access structures including: cross-cuts, emergency shafts and galleries, exploratory galleries, operational and monitoring structures, portal head, breakdown lay-bys, recesses and monitoring structures

Geometry of structure

The ideal geometry is determined on the basis of construction method, use type, terrain, length and loads to be transferred.

Construction method

The construction method is selected based on circumstances related to geology, time and traffic-related conditions.

Construction method
How is it being built?

Formwork systems

Your site team and our Doka specialists work closely together to select the right formwork system. Site requirements such as overall construction time, workflow (cycle time) and personnel resources are factors in deciding on the right formwork system.

Safety in every situation

For our customers we develop project-specific safety concepts to permit unimpeded operation, safe repositioning of the formwork and safe and fast access at any height. Safe, smooth work routines speed up the workflow.

Site infrastructure

Smooth and efficient construction progress depends on functioning site infrastructure. Well thought-out formwork solutions standardize and speed up repetitive jobs, reduce risk, allow for an ideal work environment and simplify the workflow.

6. On-site Services

  • digital SITE
  • Formwork pre-assembly
  • Formwork instructor / technician
  • Formwork inspection as assembled
  • Customer service
  • Dis-assembly
  • concrefy

5. Logistics

  • Delivery and return delivery just in time
  • Site logistics
  • Formwork return
  • Cleaning and reconditioning
  • myDoka

4. Safety with Doka

  • Documentation
  • Formwork instructor
  • Training on-site
  • Standards-compliant and verified systems

What we offer?

Portfolio - Tunnel

1. Invitation to bid and initial consultation

  • Structural analysis
  • Project requirements
  • Feasibility study

2. Engineering

  • digital ENGINEERING
  • Bid submission
  • Approval & Assembly planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Statics calculations
  • BIM

3. Construction methods and project solutions for

  • Cut-and-cover method
  • Mining & Top-cover method
  • Metro: lines and stations
  • Box culverts, Concremote concrete monitoring

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The international experience of Doka gives you pooled, concentrated knowledge for a successful project. Your contact person will help you find the best individual solution, to make your project's 'bottom line' a success, too. In short: expert specialised formwork planning with lasting benefits for your tunnel construction project.

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