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Orlando Hotel Project

Disney - Orlando, FL

The Challenges:

  • No crane onsite – everything must be handset
  • Short project duration (70 days)

The Solution with Customer Benefit:

  • Fast vertical and horizontal handset systems that can be set without the need for a crane.
  • SuperDek’s large 8’ x 8’ grid spacing reduced the amount of material onsite to shore the active floor and reduced the amount of posts needed for reshore levels.
  • Frami’s light weight allowed the 12’-0” tall shear walls to be quickly handset.
  • Frami Universal Columns helped to increase productivity by allowing CCK to use one system for all walls and columns with it’s lightweight and flexibility to adapt to the different column dimensions.

Why was Doka Selected as the formwork supplier?

  • During preconstruction, CCK approached Doka with the idea of bidding this project without the use of a crane, which was unique from all other bidders.
  • Doka’s ability to answer the challenging schedule with the use of hand setting SuperDek in an 8’x8’ grid, greatly reducing the amount of material on the active and remedial levels provided assurance that the aggressive schedule could be met.
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Customer testimonial

“I’m in love with this system. Being a first time user I was skeptical and SuperDek’s biggest critic prior to it arriving onsite. Once we started I couldn’t believe the production rates we were getting using a handset system. The most impressive part aside from the large grid, was how quickly we were able to set and strip the perimeter at the slab edge. This is where production time is always lost on every job I’ve been on. Doka has done it once again!”

Roman Ramirez, Super Intendent – CCK Construction Services

Project data

Disney - Orlando, Florida
CCK Construction Services

Building data

Type of structure
40 ft.
4 Stories
Cycle time
240 SF per man hour
Sq. Ft
80,000 SF
Construction time
90 days