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The indisputable #1 handset formwork

Framed formwork Frami Xlife

Fast Forming of Concrete Walls, Cores, Foundations, and Columns

Frami Xlife is a complete system, which also comprises high-performance safety and workplace accessories. The Frami Xlife panels are lightweight and easy to handle, so they can be erected very quickly by hand, without the use of a crane. On sites with a crane, it is also possible to lift several panels at a time, in a gang-form. The ingenious modular design makes for optimum adaptability to all job site conditions.

Frami Xlife is a complete formwork system for walls, columns and footings

Dimensions Frami Formwork

The ingenious modular design

gives you unlimited possible combinations, in both width and height. You can use the panels either upright or horizontal, and the 6" increment together with the steel fillers (2", 1 ½", 1") gives you optimum adaptability of the formwork to the dimensions of the structure, at all times.

Slashes handset labor costs

Thanks to lightning fast assembly

This is how it is accomplished

  • 80% fewer connections with only 3 clamps per 9ft. panel
  • 75% fewer ties with only two ties for a 9ft. high pour, up to 13.5sq.ft. per tie
  • Uses the lightest fastest clamp - only 2.6 lbs. and it goes on with one hand
  • No wood walers are required

More labor cost cutting

Switching to gang forming at any time

The strong system allows

  • Gang forming with no additional hardware
  • Lifting core units with one crane pick
  • Cover 100% of the jobsite with one system

Labor cost cutting continued

Savings in the details

Look at the full range

  • Hinged and adjustable pilaster forms make pilasters a snap
  • The Framax Stripping corner attaches and allows the fastest strip possible for cores
  • Fillers are available in 6" increments plus 2", 1 ½" and 1" steel fillers
  • Columns are formed with universal panels up to 36" - only one panel size for the whole job
  • Eliminate various required filler sizes and saves time and labor in storing, sorting and finding specific width panels

Work in safety

Keep your people working safe

All that OSHA requires

  • Three safety handles per 9ft. panel
  • The Frami safety tie off handle meets OSHA requirements

Handset formwork system Frami Xlife:

Rugged enough to be moved in gang by crane


Quick panel connection

Save time in assembly with only 3 lightweight Frami clamps per 9 ft. verical join. Just one blow with a hammer and the panels are joined and aligned.

Corners and Pilasters

The corner solutions are based on the strong, torsion-proof Frami inside corner. The Frami ouside corner is an easy and problem free way of forming corners in narrow trench situations or where large wall thicknesses are called for.


The Framax stripping ocrner is compatible to the Frami Xlife, making stripping a core a snap. Just a simple ratchet action in each corner and all is ready to be set into the next floor.

Frami Ties

Frami Xlife uses a lightweight high strength taper tie 1" - 3/4" with 5/8" ends. It combines the advantages of the taper tie with convenience of the Doka super plate, only one size and only one piece for each side. The bolts are also available when inner units with water stop are required.


    What Doka customers say about Frami:

    Testimonial Jason

    Jason Smith, Project Manager Gulf Building:

    The Frami and Framax system are very versatile, they can accommodate small to large size columns. We have used them all over the job from our foundations to the 30 - 40 fet high stackable column areas.


    What Doka customers say about Frami:

    Testimonial Eric

    Eric Morales, General Superintendent Gulf Building:

    We use Frami for all the sheer walls. Now we are using the Dokamatic Table and Staxo system which works great for the higher elevations. It's sturdy, durable, and I can honestly say Doka has been good for us. They have been servicing us properly, on-time, we haven't had any problems.


    What Doka customers say about Frami:

    Testimonial Micky

    Micky Manual, Foreman Pankow Builders:

    The Frami system is good. Once you connect it all together you can pick it as one and set it back. You don't have to break it back down and put it back together.

Frami jobsites

Chosen projects in the United States and Canada realized using handset formwork Frami:

Overview on Frami S Xlife standard panels

Frami S Xlife-Element[lbs]Article #
Frami S Xlife panel 3'-0"x9'-0"181.0588801500
Frami S Xlife panel 2'-6"x9'-0"159.0588802500
Frami S Xlife panel 2'-0"x9'-0"145.0588803500
Frami S Xlife panel 1'-6"x9'-0"116.0588804500
Frami S Xlife panel 1'-0"x9'-0"95.5 588805500
Frami S Xlife panel 6"x9'-0"63.5588806500
Frami S Xlife panel 3'-0"x6'-0"135.0588811500
Frami S Xlife panel 2'-6"x6'-0"109.0588812500
Frami S Xlife panel 2'-0"x6'-0"98.8588813500
Frami S Xlife panel 1'-6"x6'-0"80.2588814500
Frami S Xlife panel 1'-0"x6'-0"65.3588815500
Frami S Xlife panel 6"x6'-0"41.9588816500
Frami S Xlife panel 3'-0"x4'-0"94.8588854500
Frami S Xlife panel 2'-6"x4'-0"75.8588855500
Frami S Xlife panel 2'-0"x4'-0"66.1588856500
Frami S Xlife panel 1'-6"x4'-0"67.5588857500
Frami S Xlife panel 1'-0"x4'-0"46.1588858500
Frami S Xlife panel 6"x4'-0"29.3588859500
Frami S Xlife panel 3'-0"x3'-0"29.3588821500
Frami S Xlife panel 2'-6"x3'-0"61.3588822500
Frami S Xlife panel 2'-0"x3'-0"53.1588823500
Frami S Xlife panel 1'-6"x3'-0"45.2588824500
Frami S Xlife panel 1'-0"x3'-0"37.5588825500
Frami S Xlife panel 6"x3'-0"21.8588826500
All Frami related articles available in the user information in our Download section

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