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Virtual Site.
Real Success.

BIM with Doka

Integrated formwork concepts on your virtual site, boosting productivity on your real site

In the near future the virtual build will become a standard tool and the "real jobsite" will be even more highly networked and automated. For Doka this means specifically that with BIM, formwork solutions can be matched even more closely to the building's construction process, contributing significantly to the success of your construction project.

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Contact for Building Information Modeling

Working together closely makes it possible to decide on a solution for your project. Discuss your requirements with Doka experts as early as in the project development phase, influencing its success from an early stage.

Growing demand for 3D models in the construction sector - watch the interview with our BIM expert

Boosted on-site productivity

through efficient formwork utilization and logistics

Improved planning reliability

thanks to BIM powered risk management and collision control

Reduced execution planning effort

due to direct export from BIM

Seamless & smooth collaboration

thanks to broad BIM platform compatibility

  • Workflow and content for Revit and Tekla, considering specific regions and customer requirements
  • Visualization of complex formwork sequencing (from basic rendering and animation to 3D printing and Augmented Reality) with formwork know-how
  • Optimizing your construction processes through material management, logistic solutions for formwork planning, model analysis and quality check

Hand-in-hand with Doka Application Planning Tools for Process Optimization

Doka Tools

Doka Tools App:

Plan wall and floor formwork: it takes just a couple of seconds to optimise the components for Dokaflex and to work out the permitted rate of placing and maximum fresh-concrete pressure during pouring.

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Doka AR-VR-App

Doka AR-VR-App:

Examine Doka formwork solutions projected in 3D on chosen drawings, project them life-size in your surrounding or step into them in a Virtual Reality environment.

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The myDoka customer portal offers you instant access at any time to your project- and sitespecific data – conveniently from your PC or tablet. myDoka is easy to use, keeps data strictly confidential and provides you with an ideal interface to your Doka team.

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Concremote uses digital sensors to measure the insitu concrete maturity (temperature x time) gradient and with this data it calculates early age strength.
Think construction processes forward and boost your productivity.

Learn more about Concremote