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Introducing Smart Edge

The safe edge protection & guardrail system

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Introducing Smart Edge at safety week 2019
Safety Week Logo
Safety Week Logo

Discover Smart Edge - your solution for increased safety, reduced labor and simplified site logistics

The Smart Edge protection system is a new engineering solution designed to be installed at perimeter edges, internal openings, elevator shafts and stairs on highrise construction sites.

  • This guardrail system allows for all operations to be done by a single worker.
  • Its lightweight and design contributes to at least 5 times faster installation, inspection and maintenance compared to conventional 2x4 cables.
  • With only 3 basic parts to set up and take down it makes logistics quick and simple.
  • The Smart Edge exceeds all applicable US codes and regulations including OSHA, ANSI/ASSE and WISHA/WAC.

Safe by Choice.

Every day, we step into offices and onto job sites ready for another day’s work. In our roles, we face hundreds of choices, but none are more important than our choice to work safe. We hold ourselves accountable to our decisions and the actions and results that follow. To act otherwise is unacceptable. When we focus on safety, we protect ourselves, our families, and the communities in which we live and work. As individuals, project teams, companies and an entire industry, we are safe by choice.

Doka is a proud member of Construction Safety Week 2019

  • More than 80 companies
  • Thousands of workers
  • Five Days
  • One goal: Join together to keep each other safe

The Mission of Safety Week is to collectively raise the awareness of the construction industry’s continuing commitment to eliminating worker injury, and to clearly communicate its dedication to a shared culture of care and concern and the belief that every week must be Safety Week.

Learn more about the Construction Safety Week.

Join us and make the safe choice today!

Doka Safety Week - The power of safe choices

Safety at the construction site with Doka

The Doka safety solutions support every single stage of the construction project. We take safety seriously right from the start of the project and our safety and formwork systems are perfectly coordinated in order to increase productivity and ensure top quality of building. Learn more about safety at the construction site with Doka.

Discover the full range of the Doka Safety Products

Contact the Doka Safety Expert

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Doka Safety Specialist
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