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Second Midtown Tunnel – an underwater solution to keep the traffic flowing

03.28.2013 | Press
The major order that Doka ‘landed’ for the Second Midtown Tunnel will actually be finished underwater! This 0.7 mile long immersed tunnel will link the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth in the US state of Virginia. The eleven separate segments of the tunnel are being cast at a dry dock in Baltimore, MD, after which they will be floated 200 miles south to the Elizabeth River and lowered to the riverbed. The ‘Heavy-duty supporting system SL-1’ tunnel formwork that Doka is supplying to this project is a high-performing yet cost-saving solution. As well as being the first SL-1 project in the USA, the Second Midtown Tunnel is the biggest SL-1 tunnel project (by order volume) in Doka’s history.


  • The combination of the high-performing ‘Heavy-duty supporting system SL-1’ tunnel formwork and Large-area formwork Top 50 is ideal for the box cross-section of the eleven tunnel segments for the immersed Second Midtown Tunnel.

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