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Doka leads the way with a variety of new solutions for ConExpo 2020

11/12/2019 | USA
Attendees can experience more than just formwork products and digital services at the Doka booth F3775.

Doka – a world leader in formwork technology – has announced the new products that will be featured at ConExpo/ConAgg 2020. Attendees are encouraged to stop by Festival Grounds — Booth F3775 to view the products in use.

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“We are excited to again be a part of ConExpo, a show that gives us a face-to-face opportunity to demonstrate #MoreThanFormwork solutions that are proven to speed productivity and increase safety on concrete jobsites across North America, “ says Michael Schaeffer, vice-president, Doka USA. “We have many new innovations this year that are changing the way concrete is formed to stay ahead of demanding construction schedules and we are thrilled to showcase them this March at the largest construction tradeshow, ConExpo.”

Among the new products, Doka will be highlighting a new record-breaking slab formwork system, innovative bridge solutions, and digital technology for increasing jobsite productivity.

Additionally, a news conference for the press only will be held in the news conference room on Wednesday, March 11 at 10 a.m. in Room N 249-251 – located on the second floor of the North Hall.

New Products from Doka:


A fast, safe and simple handset drop head slab system, designed for only one person to install from the ground below.

Superdek is a handset, drop head slab formwork system with grid and prop spacing up to 8' – 0” x 8 – 0”'. All joists and stringers are made of materials light enough for one person to install. Drop heads have patented lowering wedges to drop the stringers and joists 4” for early removal. Props offer the greatest adjustment range on the market and high-capacity props are available. Despite their simplicity, Superdek components are engineered for superior durability, stability and safety.

For Infrastructure – Custom Tailored Bridge Formwork Solutions

Fully customized solutions and product options support precise product plans
As experts in standard and complex infrastructure projects, Doka provides the largest range of state-of-the-art and traditional product solutions, including solutions for footings, columns, abutments, retaining walls, bridge caps, precast beams, diaphragms, bridge decks and girder launching equipment. With deep expertise in planning and project management, Doka can transform the trajectory of a project, giving developers, contractors and construction companies more ways to succeed even with the most complex infrastructure projects.


The ganged bridge overhang system for cast in-place concrete bridge decks
Paratop is a rentable, ganged bridge overhang system that is cycled from pour to pour via crane fork or boom lift typically in 20’ long by 8’ wide units with installed guardrails. Due to its modular system concept, ParaTop can be adapted to different cross-sections, beam types, deck cantilevers and Screed Loads. Even under heavy load conditions, Paratop is capable of supporting large bracket spacings in the range of 6‘ to 10‘, simplifying the work and reducing the number of inserts, parts and pieces on site drastically.

By cycling Paratop from pour to pour in large gangs without disassembly and reassembly in place and by hand, bridge contractors have consistently improved safety and achieved three times faster forming cycles with the same crew size as compared to traditional handset overhang systems.

Plywood Components

Meet costs and project requirements through use of plywood

Doka offers a variety of plywood substrates, so formwork for any project can be cost-optimized while meeting all functional requirements. Choose birch for its high-quality finish and reusability or DokaPly MDO with paper backer for moisture protection in damp environments. A selection of multiple-ply options provide high- or medium-densities, gloss or semi-gloss finishes, edge sealing and more.

Digital Technology


Digitalize the formwork positioning process in vertical structures applications
DokaXact is the first wireless interactive sensor-based system that enables high-level accuracy in positioning wall formwork elements for vertical structures (such as high-rise concrete cores). DokaXact is used with climbing systems and allows construction site crews to quickly and precisely plumb and align wall formwork. It allows for accurate positioning with labor efficiency by reducing the amount of time needed and up to a 75% saving in surveying services. It consists of a centralized processing unit that communicates wirelessly with multiple sensors and the DokaXact app.


Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Doka
Doka’s BIM creates integrated formwork concepts on your virtual site, which boosts productivity on your jobsite and improves planning and reliability. In the near future, the virtual build will become a standard tool and the physical jobsite will be even more highly networked and automated. Compared to traditional workflows, VDC/BIM offers even closer matching of formwork solutions to a building's construction process, which contributes significantly to the success of the overall construction project with seamless and smooth collaboration. VDC/BIM allow processes to flow smoother through material management, with logistics solutions for formwork planning, model analysis and quality check.


DokaAR & DokaVR

The Doka Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications enriches 2D drawings with 3D models.
The DokaAR app transforms Doka’s drawings into 3D AR models assisting with onsite assembly and setup of solutions. In addition, the DokaVR application allows users to be teleported to a Doka jobsite to see the numerous innovative solutions in action. Both apps are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Concrete+Remote=Concremote by Doka, concrete monitoring system
Monitoring concrete‘s maturity and testing its strength are critical tasks during any concrete installation. Reliable results can now be obtained using Concremote, which has digital sensors to measure the cast in-place concrete maturity (temperature × time) gradient. Using this data, the device calculates early-age strength. Concremote saves time, increases safety, enhances concrete quality and reduces costs.


Capture the efficiencies of e-commerce with Doka’s Online Shop
E-commerce may have started with the sales of books and other consumer goods, but the volume of construction materials purchased online is expected to grow over the next decade. Doka’s own Online Shop provides customers with access to a wide range of Doka and industry products. It can be accessed at any time through all commonly used devices and operating systems. Online shopping has the additional benefits of order tracking and status updates. Plus, customers can still take advantage of existing benefits such as customized pricing, discount scales and master agreements.

Easy Formwork Planner

Plan and order formwork from the jobsite using the Doka app.

Doka’s Easy Formwork Planner app makes it easy to plan and order formwork—right from the jobsite. With a swipe of the finger, plans can be created or visualized in 3D. Formwork materials and quantities can be calculated or changed on short notice. There’s also an integrated option to generate a piece list and compare it to the inventory in myDoka. With the Easy Formwork Planner, jobsite foremen (and the entire crew) can work independently of engineers and other remote decision-makers.

Remote Instructor

Have an expert right beside you to answer questions.

Have a formwork-related question on the jobsite? Remote Instructor is a real-time collaboration software solution that can help. It uses smart video-compatible with any mobile device--to provide field support. Questions can be answered immediately on the jobsite with Remote Instructor, eliminating downtime when questions occur. You can use it in combination with a head-mounted tablet as a handsfree solution, zoom in to focus on details and receive live drawing explanations that appear in your field of vision. There’s even live desktop sharing, so remote content can be accessed. Using Remote Instructor results in cost savings, since there are fewer stoppages and faster access to support. Each call, and the solution offered, are documented for future reference.


Smart Edge

Doka’s lightweight guardrail system is easy to install, even for a single worker.
The Doka Smart Edge edge protection system offers versatility, ease-of-use and portability. It is simple and lightweight enough to be installed by a single worker, making installation quick and less labor intensive. Made of durable galvanized steel, the fencing is equipped with features that ensure reliability, such as red and green reflectors to indicate proper installation and smart keys that restrict access to authorized personnel. The system also exceeds all applicable US codes and regulations including OSHA, ANSI/ASSE and WISHA/WAC.

Safety Net Fans

Doka’s Safety Net Fans ensure safety on the ground.
Worried about material falling from an elevated jobsite? Doka’s Safety Net Fans prevent falling debris while being flexible and easy to use. Constructed with UV resistant materials, triple layer nets and overlap between the preassembled units, the fans provide reliable protection even during windy conditions. Plus, system components are lightweight and have various connection options, making the system adaptable to any building shape.

Automatic Climbing Technology


New features are now available for the next generation in self-climbing formwork and working platform technology for high-rise cores
The Super Climber self-climbing core system increases jobsite production and reduces labor costs. The entire core formwork is hydraulically raised independent of the crane. At the push of a button, all platforms, along with interior and exterior formwork for an entire floor is raised in one single cylinder stroke. New features this year include foldable screens and a hanging stair tower, as well as a new bracket design for reduced anchor consumption.

Wall Formwork System


A new panel size makes Doka’s steel-framed formwork systems even more convenient to use.
Doka Frami formwork—a lightweight steel-framed system that is ideal for fast and economical forming, with or without a crane—has a new panel size: a large 8×9’ that allows for building and cycling large gangs with small crane capacity. The formwork is crane-set where possible and handset with traditional Frami panels for add-on areas. The 8×9 panel has minimal hardware, requiring less labor than smaller panels. Despite its larger size it still has all the durability, safety and flexibility you’ve come to expect from other components in the Frami family. For forming large areas on crane-assisted projects, check out Framax, a high-performing steel-framed formwork that offers extra-large panel sizes.

Additional Doka Signature Solutions Available:


The strong and durable self-spanning steel formwork

Steel girder formwork helps achieve faster pour rates and quicker assembly, while spanning large distances without intermediate support. The all-steel, modular form system is a waler-less, large size panel system that is best suited for columns, piers, pier caps, beams, retaining walls, foundation walls and culverts.

Protection Screen

For high rise construction, the full enclosure of Doka’s Protection Screen offers maximum safety.

Full perimeter enclosure offers complete fall protection and shields workers from the elements during construction of tall buildings. Doka’s Protection Screen not only provides a high degree of safety, but is easy to use, featuring a modular design with preassembled elements and adaptability to site-specific requirements. Loads are easily transferred between the current and previous casting section and the screen can be repositioned while slab formwork is still in place.

Stair Towers

Stair Towers offer the convenience and safety of stairs—on the construction site.

Walking up stair towers is faster than climbing ladders, so using towers can contribute to jobsite productivity. And since they anchor to the structure and comply with all relevant safety regulations, stair towers can dramatically enhance site safety. Standardized components are compatible with various Doka formwork systems and can be assembled using just a hammer. Intermediate exits permit access to all work-deck levels.


A wall formwork system sets new standards Framax Xlife wall form system is fast and allows for a consistent concrete finish. The system uses only a few different panel sizes to achieve a consistent 6" (15 cm) increment-grid, no matter whether the panels are stood upright or on their sides. All the connectors and accessories fit seamlessly into this grid – making for fast forming-times and high efficiency.

Hydraulic Stripping

The fastest stripping corner on the market

With the simple addition of specially designed hydraulic cylinders, you can now retract and expand your entire core formwork at the push of a button. Doka’s stripping corner has successfully been used in forming cores/shafts on thousands of projects around the globe.

DokaTruss tables

The fastest flying table form to set and strip large slab formwork for high speed cycling
The versatile design allows for maximum ganging of slab formwork. The DokaTruss table can be designed for up to 100 feet in length and 21 feet in width with only two trusses. Any larger size can be done by adding in additional truss sections. A fast speed height adjustment is built into the truss and the jack at the bottom allows for fine adjustment or steps up to 4 feet. When stripping, simple pin connections are released on the height adjustment legs and the truss is lowered with transportable jacks onto slab edge rollers and truss trolleys.

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